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Crossing the Border


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And once again, the immigrants are not at fault here. It's the greedy private sector trying to get something for nothing. If there were no jobs to be had, they wouldn't be coming across the border, would they? I own a freaking LANDSCAPE company, a business notorious for hiring illegals. It's because some people can hire illegals and pay them 5$ an hour under the table in cash. It's not because americans WON'T do the work. When I put an ad on craiglist for labor assistance, I pay 10$ an hour, and I easily get 40-50 calls from american citizens wanting work, and willing to do it for 10$ an hour... within 3 hours! Whose to blame, we need to just look in the mirror. And rich Repuiblicans with their illegal housekeepers are just as much to blame. god forbid they'd pay minimum wage to get their toilets scrubbed. That's exaclty why Republicans only give LIP SERVICE and no real action to illegal immigration. They don't want to lose their dirt cheap labor.

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