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I fell in love with BTR last summer by way of "Boyfriend" and I even enjoyed the sitcom for all of its goofy silliness. They're not the greatest dancers, but they sing well, they act well, they give good interviews, and they love their fans. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon barely promotes them anymore, and so their biggest success is nearly two years in the past. "If I Ruled the World" should have never been released as a single, much less the lead single of the second album. Especially with "Blow Your Speakers," "Elevate," and even "Time of Our Life" as alternative options. The original version of of "Blow Your Speakers" that was leaked should have been the album version and should have been released as a summer single, while "Intermission" should have been tweaked and released somewhere on iTunes. Nickelodeon and Columbia need to loosen their grip and give the boys more freedom to do the type of music they want to do.

</end stan rant>

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