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GH:New Character Alert: Sabrina

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Coming soon to a Port Charles near you: a beautiful young medical student by the name of Sabrina. Played by actress Teresa Castillo (The Secret Life of the American Teenager; How I Met Your Mother), Sabrina will make her presence felt at General Hospital. Look for one of her first storylines to involve another doctor there ...

Sabrina debuts on September 14th -- keep an eye out!


She was on ICarly


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    • The writer in me wants her to suffer. In every way possible  Please register in order to view this content
    • I thought they would just omit the Jill retcon like they omitted Dylan from Nikki's special. I guess they didn't do that because she's still on the show (same reason for Paul vs Brad since they pretend Paul is still on the show). Two scenes was too much for Jill, but the first one was a painful explanatory scene so guess they wanted to put in the more memorable one from when Lauren and Michael walked in on her and Colin (in fact, the ONLY memorable Jill/Lauren scene).   When Gloria said she probably wouldn't have gotten along with Mary... I'm like right bitch you could never hold a candle to her.    As stupid as it is that Lauren doesn't know about Sheila, it would be great if she and Michael got invited to some fashion gala in LA (of course they would have to do it on B&B to have any chance of it actually occuring onscreen) and Sheila and Bill were there.   When Phyllis popped up I was afraid they would get into Pheila and Sarah Smythe (shudder) but the scene they picked was actually very sweet. Those clips were Lauren was pregnant are the prettiest she looked in all her years on the show IMO.
    • I figured it would be bad and I remember @carolineg had some interesting comments to the scenes. I figured it would be some propped writing with her being the victim. That IS NOT what I saw. WL did such a great job with those scenes (and the next day which I'm watching as I type) and said everything I wanted to see him say so I'm fine. Joss though...what a B. lol. I am no longer at all interested in the Joss/Dex pairing. In fact...GIRL, BYE.  I'm about ready to go RHOA/RHOP Housewife on her and read her down. lol. But writer in me, looking forward to it exploding in the middle of the Michael vs Sonny feud.    Yep. I see myself living through Spencer in terms of disliking Dex moving forward. He has been good. 
    • 1-25   I saw Lauren's episode.   I liked it, but it really screamed missed opportunity to me. Always happy to see Jill, but does anyone care that Jill and her are still sisters? Fen coming out and it all happened off screen? And so much focus on Paul...but where was he? And no Brad? And the worst fear realized for some here...they all just sitting around talking. Please register in order to view this content   I did love the flashbacks. OOOOH MARY HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!!! That whole scene...lol. No one really does shade like how Paul's mother did it. I don't have enough scenes of Joanna who it was nice seeing her. It was great to see the Traci/Lauren rivalry touched on. And we know I LOVED seeing any of the Sheila/Lauren lab catfight...still hoping she shows up now that she's attached to Bill Spencer. Could you imagine Lauren's reaction? And I don't know about everyone else, but during the midway point commercial breaks, they did a montage of Lauren's appearances in the various openings. I didn't know Lauren was around for the...paint stroke(?) Y&R opening. More proof of her legacy.    Liked it, but again missed opportunity.    Nice to know I am not the only one who likes Sharon. 
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