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Sami continues to be a mess story wise with three men vying for her love all at once.

Sami: I'm not saying no....but I'm not saying yes either. rolleyes.gif Isn't that the basis of the entire problem with this pairing in the first place?

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    • Hmmmmm YES ON HIM.   Just unnecessary Singles Awareness Day mess from someone who isn't like the hottie above...you know a real MAN. This year I've just Faith Lahane them all. Because anyone stepping to me when I've been available for months...doesn't seem or feel genuine to me. PS. Found out after months of growing closer to me that oh, you are seeing someone, but rather than tell me directly, I found out mid conversation I walked into as I was coming over to say good night and head home. Stupid man-child.   DAMN CHOCOLATE. 
    • That’s part of the problem too lol  Ron admitted in interviews that he sees the devil just like any other villain. That’s why I’m afraid that the devil’s now just gonna pop up once a year for a little while to be a pain in the ass, just like Orpheus, Clyde and Jan. 
    • Well...that's where the conflict should be...Jack vs Kyle over Adam.
    • Very interesting to hear. It was wild hearing Dick van Patten as Larry. I think I found the most compelling sequences to revolved around Tracey trying to grapple with her young son Jonathan's passing. The closeness between her and the family friend was also interesting. 
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