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Friends who should have been enemies and vice versa?

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I thought they worked remarkably and one of the better things Higley did. I think the friendship did wonders for both characters and its a shame Chloe left, bc Nicole could have used her

I took a break from "Days" once Higley returned until a month leading up to the Alice/Frances tribute and I thought hell had truly frozen over with Nicole and Chloe as besties. I hated Chloe Lane for a long period of time preceding her '05 exit (because of NB's limitations, being a Bricole fan, etc.), but this friendship saved her for me and truly did wondrous wonders for both characters. Despite their sordid past, I really bought them as best friends and loved how they both were outsiders--even though it ended in Nicole and Chloe not talking for a week or something, I thought the baby shower Melanie threw for Chloe was hilarious because all the guests were just Mel's family and friends who hated Chloe and hated Nicole even more, LOL.

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