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“General Hospital” (Weekdays, 3 p.m., ABC)

The last ABC daytime drama is clawing and scratching to stay alive . . . by killing off the nicest character on the show. We’ve watched Robin and portrayer Kimberly McCullough grow up in real time since she started on the soap at 7 years old back in 1985. She “died” this week saving mobster Jason’s (Steve Burton) life. Mama puts that in quotes because even though Robin was locked in an exploding room, everybody knows that any Helena Cassadine, Stefano DiMera or Alan Spaulding can fake a death like that and kidnap the real Robin. But buy an extra box of tissues anyways before sitting through the extended tribute and goodbye, which brings back her on-screen parents, Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers, as well as Rick Springfield, who played her father-in-law.

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