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After Elton Interviews Days' Stars (Will, Gabi, Sonny & Chad)


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And some scruf

Will Sonny Chad, Gabi, Abby & Mel Are On tomorrow Nov 9th

Thanks......I DVD it today.

He sooooo needs to lose the big man tits!


Awwwwwwww...are u telling me yours arent like that....lol...hehe...I joke...haha...or do I...lol

LOL I actually don't mind them, but those do give Quinn/Bren Foster a run for his money.

I don't mind them either.

He's a cute guy.

Healthy build.

But when it looks like you could nurse a newborn baby,

it's time to slow down the bench presses.

Those pecs look weird on his small frame.

LOL....I'd love to get my hands on his big man tits....lol...hehe

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