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DAYS: Jason47's Tribute: James Reynolds Celebrates 30 Years as Abe!

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30 years ago today, on October 7, 1981, James Reynolds got a phone call that would change his life forever. That day, "Days" phoned his agent and asked if he'd be willing to do an audition for "Days." Reynolds thought to himself "Well, nobody else has offered me any show this week, so I think I'll take this one!" He read for the part that night. Two days later, he read a second time and was chosen to portray Abe Carver over dozens of other actors.

Not only is Jim celebrating 30 years with "Days of Our Lives", but he is also continuing his record-breaking streak as the longest-running African-American actor in the same role in television history! Reynolds also has the fourth-longest tenure in the history of "Days." Only Frances Reid (Alice), John Clarke (Mickey) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) have been on the show longer. As of October 7, 2011, Reynolds has appeared in 2,240 episodes of "Days."

Take a look back at Jim's journey as Abe over the past 30 years. Read Abe's entire first script and view a picture tribute to all of Abe's family and friends (and, yes, even the five actresses to have played Lexie)! All that and more at http://www.jason47.com

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Great job, Jason! Abe is one of my favorite supporting characters because you can always count on him to be there for his friends and family. When the Brady's, or John need his help to take down the Dimera, he's there to back them up. And I love it when John calls him, "Partner." Abe is the ultimate good guy, best friend, loving husband, loyal partner and great dad. Congrats to James!

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