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"Soap Wives" : Who would you cast?

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The trend over the last few years has been to center shows around "wives", their lives, family and drama. From Real Housewives to Basketball Wives to Mob Wives. What if they did one for soaps. Dirty Soap is the closest thing but it features younger stars and has a different format. If you could cast 5-6 actresses for a theoretical Soap Wives show, who would be the best fit? I think this would make a great cast


Michelle Stafford - she looks like she could be the show's bitch


Victoria Rowell - You know there's bound to be some drama with Michelle also on the cast


Brenda Dickson - A mess!


Hunter Tylo - her real life is a soap opera


Arianne Zucker - The show needs someone normal and she's probably the most level headed


Cady McClain - She keeps it real and genuinely looks like she does try to have a good time. Plus we'd get to see all her outrageous hairdos


Robin Strasser - She's super opionated and doesnt hold back. I can see her not having much patience for the drama of the other women

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I'd include Susan Seaforth Hayes - I doubt she'd be on there all the time but a few appearances would be interesting. She wouldn't be doing all the table-throwing, I assume, but she's certainly had some drama and a story to tell.

Melody Thomas Scott would have to be on there somewhere too.

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