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DAYS: June 2011 Episode Rankings


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BRAUN LEADS RACE: Tamara Braun (Taylor) leads the monthly episode rankings for the first time as Taylor. Braun also led the monthly rankings in April 2008, when she played Ava Vitali.

DAILY CAST CHART: Review each day's cast list from June 2011 at http://www.jason47.com/days/castchart.html'>http://www.jason47.com/days/castchart.html

2011 Episode Rankings. The following is a listing of how many episodes each actor appeared in on "Days of Our Lives" in 2011 (1/1/11-6/30/11), out of a total of 127 episodes. http://www.jason47.com

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes

1. James Scott (E.J. DiMera) 110

2. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez-81/Rafe Hernandez 2-81) 107

3. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker DiMera) 95

4. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 82

5. Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton) 81

6. Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady Hernandez) 78

7. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 72

8. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Deveraux) 64

9. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) 61

10. Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) 53

11. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 50

*. Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 50

*. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts DiMera) 50

*. Natalia Livingston (Taylor Walker) 50

15. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 49

16. Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 48

17. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 46

18. Casey Jon Deidrick (Chad DiMera) 42

*. Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez) 42

20. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 41

21. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 39

*. Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker) 39

23. Aaron & Griffin Kunitz (Johnny DiMera) 37

24. Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) 34

25. Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 33

*. Chandler Massey (Will Horton) 33

27. Aloma Wright (Maxine Thomas) 32

28. Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) 27

*. Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) 27

*. Elizabeth & Mariam Tovey (Sydney DiMera) 27

31. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 22

*. Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 22

*. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 22

34. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 21

*. Kamall Shaikh (Gus Pascal) 21

36. Valerie Wildman (Fay Walker) 20

37. Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo Carver) 19

38. Lauren Boles (Ciara Brady) 18

*. Bren Foster (Quinn Hudson) 18

*. Ellie & Rose Karchmer (Parker Kiriakis) 18

41. Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 17

42. Jessee Bonty (Rafe/Rafe 2 Body Double) 16

43. Mary Garripoli (Mary) 13

*. Ty Treadway (Dr. Ben Walters) 13

45. Jensen Higley Bush (Det. Jocelyn McCarthy) 12

46. Gina Gallego (Warden Jane Smith) 11

47. Campbell & Carolyn Rose (Allie Horton) 9

*. Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 9

49. Steven Bruns (Marco) 8

*. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Johnson) 8

*. Anton & Preston LeBlanc (Parker Kiriakis) 8

52. Robin Mattson (Lee Michaels) 7

53. David Dean Bottrell (Al) 6

*. Erik Fellows (Troy Winston) 6

*. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 6

*. Shelby Young (Kinsey) 6

57. John Furey (Rob) 5

*. Justin Lopez (Ted) 5

59. Julian Barnes (Harold) 4

*. Brendan Coughlin (Tad) 4

*. Ron Leath (Henderson) 4

62. Eric Steinberg (Dr. Ron Kim) 3

63. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 2

*. Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) 2

65. Christie Clark (Carrie Reed) 1

*. Jackson Davis (Nicholas Alamain's Voice) 1

*. McKinley Freeman (Evan Sayers) 1

*. Roy Jackson (Tim Carter) 1

*. Michael Sabatino (Lawrence Alamain) 1

*. Schuyler Yancey (Bryan) 1

June Episode Rankings. Here's how many episodes each actor has appeared in this month (6/1/11-6/30/11), out of a total of 20 episodes. http://www.jason47.com

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes

1. Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker) 18

2. James Scott (E.J. DiMera) 17

3. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez-16/Rafe Hernandez 2-10) 16

4. Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton) 14

*. Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 14

*. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Deveraux) 14

7. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 13

*. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 13

*. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker DiMera) 13

10. Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady Hernandez) 11

11. Casey Jon Deidrick (Chad DiMera) 10

*. Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) 10

*. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 10

*. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 10

*. Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez) 10

16. Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) 9

*. Bren Foster (Quinn Hudson) 9

18. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 8

*. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) 8

*. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 8

*. Aloma Wright (Maxine Thomas) 8

22. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 7

23. Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 6

*. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts DiMera) 6

*. Chandler Massey (Will Horton) 6

*. Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 6

*. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 6

28. John Furey (Rob) 5

*. Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) 5

30. Jessee Bonty (Rafe/Rafe 2 Body Double) 4

*. Mary Garripoli (Mary) 4

*. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 4

*. Kamall Shaikh (Gus Pascal) 4

*. Valerie Wildman (Fay Walker) 4

35. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 3

36. Brendan Coughlin (Tad) 2

*. Jensen Higley Bush (Det. Jocelyn McCarthy) 2

*. Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo Carver) 2

*. Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) 2

*. Elizabeth & Mariam Tovey (Sydney DiMera) 2

*. Shelby Young (Kinsey) 2

42. Julian Barnes (Harold) 1

*. Lauren Boles (Ciara Brady) 1

*. Steven Bruns (Marco) 1

*. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 1

*. Roy Jackson (Tim Carter) 1

*. Aaron & Griffin Kunitz (Johnny DiMera) 1

*. Ron Leath (Henderson) 1

*. Anton & Preston LeBlanc (Parker Kiriakis) 1

*. Schuyler Yancey (Bryan) 1

Contract actors not appearing this month:

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady)

Credited guest stars appearing in less than 5 episodes:

Dean Larit (Officer Adam Davis)

Kelly Thiebaud (Alicia)

SET TOTALS: June 2011:


Nurses' Station…15

Rafe's Loft…15

Brady Pub…13


Cheatin' Heart…12

DiMera Mansion…12

Rafe 2's Room…11

Kiriakis Mansion…7

Sapphire Club Room…7

Carly's Hotel Room…6

Horton Living Room…6

EJ's Hospital Room…5

EJ's Clinic Room…4

Gabi's Hospital Room…4

Daniel's Apartment…3

Hospital Waiting Area…3

Daniel & Jennifer's Hotel Suite…2

Police Station Interrogation Room…2

Sapphire Club Bedroom…2

Taylor's Hotel Room…2

Bo & Hope's Bedroom…1

Brady's Bedroom (Kiriakis)…1

Chez Rouge…1

Detective Area…1

Ext. DiMera Grounds…1

Hospital Room…1

Hospital Supply Closet…1

Quinn's Salem Inn Room…1

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