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DAYS: 1980s Fans: Jason47 request

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Hi all. I know a lot of "Days" fans' favorite years are from the 1980s. If you happen to be a fan who has tapes of 1985-1990 episodes, I'd appreciate some help if you have some time. When compiling the episode rankings from 1985-1990 a few years back, I mostly did so by just quickly checking each episode (in fast forward) and jotting down the cast list, due to lack of time in checking those 1,500 episodes.

Since I have now completed my script research of 1965-1984, I have been computerizing my daily records of the 1991-onward episodes and correcting any errors/omissions I find. Eventually, in a few years, I can re-check those 1985-1990 episodes myself, but it would be a great help if any fans here could help me out.

Even if you could do just a few weeks or a months' worth of episodes (say November 1987 or December 1988, etc...), any time frame would be appreciated. I could then compare the list of names that you saw in an episode, and see what differences there are in my daily cast lists. Also, although it would take more time, I do also need the list of sets used in each episode (Horton Living Room, Pier, Donovan Mansion, Shawn & Caroline's Kitchen, etc...)

Just thought I would check on here and see if any fans could help me out. It was nice finishing up my complete 1965-2011 episode ranking research earlier this year. But now, the next phase of research must begin: to find and correct any errors/omissions that I may have from 1985-onward. Thanks for any help you can provide. You can leave a message here, or if you'd prefer, email me personally at [email protected] Thanks! Jason

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