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AMC Wednesday 4-13-11

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Best scenes of the day: Anything KANE women related wub.gif Erica/Kendall & Erica/Bianca individual scenes were fantastic, as were the scenes with them all together! I love their signature holding of the hands & hug! I just love all of them!! And they all look stunning, especially Bianca, I love her hair pulled up.

Loved the scene with Bianca sitting alone with her engagement ring, then cramming that mimosa down her throat. CBL didn't even have to say anything to really sell that scene. She did great.

Caleb looked stupid professing his love to Erica and begging her to choose him. I really hated those scenes. They brought the show down. I can't stand Caleb at all, I can't say it enough.

Marissa is a terrible lawyer & she doesn't even realize it. This biotch was acting like she won Bianca's case when she barely did anything! If I'm not mistaken when those French lawyers came along and started giving her crap, she ran straight to Jack and he fixed everything. That plus JR was the one who got Reese to drop the case now anyway. This is all thanks to Jackson and JR, not you Marissa. Get it untwisted!

No spark between Asher & Maya at all IMO. I was annoyed with him today immensely, sitting around eating bread and sandwhiches hovering around Maya as she worked. All I could think was GTFAway!! I want to be excited for when she meets Colby but in the end I don't see myself caring that much. You can see the outline of the triangle clearly already and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Maybe if Damon or Sam Grey were in the middle & not Asher.

Marissa, Caleb, & Asher. 3 useless characters who the show can easily get rid of and no one would really care. If only AMC realized that.

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Asher is just so meh, but I didn't really mind his brief scenes with Maya--the only stuff that bugged me today was Caleb, otherwise I thought it was a solid episode. Yes, I'd love to see Opal get her own story (and life) but it seemed fitting to me to have her overeact at the wedding. I'm even starting to find all this ridiculous Ricky/evil stuff more entertaining. Also, it's oddly refreshing to see new sets (OK maybe not that odd at all...) I do seem to be in the minority in that I do like Marissa and Binaca, but I'm tired of them not seeming to have a direction for Marissa and this back and forth...

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I think what tweedle dee and tweedle duh were trying to show is JR is controlling pretty much everything. If you think about it, his fixation is the idea of a family. But b/c most could care less about Marissa we can't see it.. the way he's going about it is classic Chandler.

In the span of 1 to 11/2 a yr.

He controlled Annie who he loved but couldn't express and it blew up b/c she loss control and he couldn't control her

He controls Marissa via AJ and her occupation as a lawyer

He somewhat controls Bianca's life (custody) via Marissa

He controls Reese (custody/employment) via Bianca & Marissa

He controls Asher

He partially controls Colby

He has control of this Maya girl

And partially controls Amanda via employment

BTW do we call her jail bait Maya?

The reason we can't see it w/ Marissa is b/c Sarah isn't a good actor, she's trying to show Marissa desperately trying to pull away and she falls flat showing it. Imagine CS or RB or SG or AM and especially MCE playing that part, you'd feel it. But Sarah leaves you w/ a :huh:

Look how Maya reacted, that should have been Marissa. Instead this girl upstaged Sarah in the same scene. Not bad for a newbie.


That scene was suppose to be about Marissa's will breaking, and Sarah let this girl steal her spotlight. I definitely can see right now she will not be able to handle a big enough story like going gay. The smallest thing as a phone call telling him whoever, likely Marissa or Colby took a flight somewhere set JR off to a point he had to control said person's whereabouts.

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That's part of it. The other part, I think, is that Marissa has always been so ill-defined as a character (which is also why I think it's so incredibly easy and tempting to have her 'go gay' for Binks). Aside from JR's estranged wife and David and Krystal's other daughter, who is she? What purpose does she serve on AMC's canvas? IMO, if you can take out a character, replace her (or him) w/ another character, and more-or-less achieve the same effect story-wise, something's wrong.

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