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GH: Minor role recast...

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I had yet to see this, so if I missed it, please delete or merge.

But Patrick and Robin's daughter, Emma, is being recast. Seems The Balkan's wee manservant Jules' real-life 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Francesca Cistone [the actor is Danny Cistone], takes over the role from Jessie/Gianna Salvatierra as of March 23rd per SID:


Apparently, Francesca was born exactly one year before the fictional Emma was on GH, November 4th. And is a fraternal twin. (But she has the role alone.)

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I absolutely love Danny Cistone and his work, wish GH could find a place permanently for him on GH but I doubt it.

Going to miss the little girls who played Emma before, they were to cute lol I will never forget any scene with them & Patrick at the park.

GH should really look into aging Cameron soon, wasn't be born in like 2004? He should be a little older by now

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