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New Star Wars Trilogy?


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EISB.net reported that once Star Wars 1-6 is re-released in 3D, a new sequel trilogy will be released and the rumored plot is that it will be set far into the future & not connected with the prior films.


George Lucas since dened it: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/10/new-star-wars-trilogy/

I'm not believing George's denial, he did the same thing before we he updated & re-released the original Trilogy right before he started working on the prequel triology.

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wow, you literally are the first and only person I have ever seen to say Star Wars sucks and always had. Empire Strikes Back is one of my top 10 moves of all time.

Star Wars can be seen as sh!t because it takes serious philosophical issues and then waters it down for id!ots to understand. :) Then a bunch of fans make it to be something it isn't. As usual...

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Star Wars has been and still my favourite movie of all time.

All 6 Movies I put amoung the ones I really do like. Sadly a small screen doesn't do the movie justice. I have the 3 original ones on DVD and also the with the extra scenes in it.

I recall reading some time ago that there weere meant to be 9 movies in all.

The first 3 about the fall of the Empire and the Jedi Knights and how Darth Vader came to be.

The second 3 about good v evil and the good side coming out on top.

The final 3 were meant to be about the rebuilding of the Empire/Galaxy/Jedi Knights.

If ever done and has been rumored to happen Star Wars, Emprie Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi will be great in 3D.

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