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AMC - Tuesday - Oct 19th, 2010

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I saw it live btu didnt feel like posting.

Natalia...oh she confuses the heck out of me. This episode defiently showed more insight into her. She was defiently coming across as a potential lesbian early on. The way she was so against marriage as if she couldnt see herself with a man for the rest of her life. Then she had that fantasy about having a photoshoot with her groom who was mentinoed to be a he. I dont know if its the writing intentnioally trying to be this way or its Shannon Kane but Natalia isnt coming across as 100% straight to me. She definetly doesnt seem all that interested in Brot and he has more of a brother chemistry with her. I think she's only with him bc of the pressure, not necesarily bc she likes him like that

Colby....Im getting sick of telling her to STFU and wish she'd just go ahead and do it already. She was extra annnoying today if thats even possible. I wish she'd give the PVPD some more work by having them investigated her homicide/potential suicide

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Hahahaha maybe Asher has the magic stick. We shall see... we shall see. I love Colby but yes I agree the majority of the timeesp. with JR I wanted her to STFU.

JR had me cracking up with Annie and my bro's reaction to himtelling her to take her clothes off was priceless.

I liked Angie's scenes with that woman, Binks and Jesse.

Ha yes Natalia had me o.O and giving major side eye with her comments to Randi.

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IDK who wants to screw Randi more, Brot or Natalia.

JR telling Annie to take off her clothes and then cut to commercial, I had the same reaction. Like get your mind of sex for once JR. :lol: Then he throws her in the shower. I liked how protective of her he got at Confusion, she has him elbowing college football players. JR gave her that "you see what I have to do?" look.

Lets hope Asher lays it good on Colby, Damon needs lessons from Colby's mom.

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    • I just learned that actor Barry Newman (John Barnes on The Edge of Night) died on May 11.         Barry Newman, Star of ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘The Limey,' Dead at 92 Newman — who died on May 11 — "was a rock for so many people," his wife, Angela, said By  Marisa Sullivan     Published on June 5, 2023 08:07 AM SKIP ADS Barry Newman, known for his role in the cult action thriller The Vanishing Point, died on May 11 in a New York City hospital, according to multiple reports.   The Emmy-nominated star was 92 years old. No further details have been released on his death.   Newman is survived by his wife, Angela, who confirmed her husband's death on Sunday to The Hollywood Reporter. His friends also confirmed the news on social media, per Deadline.   In a tribute shared with THR, Angela expressed that Newman “was a rock for so many people, whose spirit he lifted and allowed to be free,” she said. “He was truly a light for so many, with an incredible, hilarious sense of humor that lit everything and everyone up.”   AMANDA EDWARDS/WIREIMAGE The stage, screen and TV actor, who is also known for his starring role in the 1974 legal drama, Petrocelli, grew up in Boston. While studying at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, he met Lee Strasberg and decided he wanted to be an actor. After graduating, he studied with the influential acting teacher in the Big Apple.     Newman went on to star in feature films such as Daylight in 1996 with Sylvester Stallone, Bowfinger with Steve Martin in 1999 and with the late Peter Fonda in Stephen Soderbergh's The Limey that same year.
    • Newman was lured back in 1993.. and the plan had been originally to do a Harley/Mallet/Josh triangle.. but I'm guessing between the time the show was trying to pure Newman back and him agreeing.. both Beth E and Mark D opted to quit the show. I remember Josh first coming back with him coming to Harley and she basically letting him have it for basically dumping her and then expecting to come back like nothing happened.  Plus Mallet/Josh butted heads because of Julie/Dylan's busted wedding.   However, the back up plan for Josh (Tangie) didn't work.
    • So here we are in May and AW and ATWT are still strong. So I guess it is over Summer that GH will jump into the Top 5 and AW will begin to dip with ATWT also dropping.
    • Thanks! A bit of a bummer as Labor Day is one of the preemptions I was looking to confirm. 

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