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AMC: Friday August 27, 2010

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Cheap, can I get a better cap of Rebecca? I love what I can see of her shoes and dress.

Ah, Jamie is stunning, breathtakingly stunning. Too bad it no longer looks like Liza and Damon will be hitting the sheets.

Heres the best shot of the dress.



How the heck do they have sex on that little bitty couch? Ryan looks like he's about ready to fall off of it. It cant be comfortable


Radiant. She glows in the CA sun


Kendall offers to buy Liza a drink. This cant be good

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Kendall: "I thought this could be a good chance so we could work through things and come to an understanding"


Liza: "Friends?"


Kendall: "Well maybe we can start with at least not enemies"


Liza (obviously not buying the bullsh-t) "You know what Kendall, lets just be straight with each other. WTF do you want from me?"

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Can they straighten her hair just once. Atleast it's not like Y&R's Victoria. :lol:

Ditto. The curly look is so outdated. At least have it wavy. I read that they originally decided to keep it curly to differentiate her, but come on, that was 8 years ago. We know what she looks like and her hair is boring as they dont do much with it. I mean its not like we are going to confuse her with Annie or Greenlee if she gets it straight

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