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Classic SOD Synopses section (December 10, 1991 issue)

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These covered the weeks of November 11-15 and November 18-22, 1991. Enjoy! :)


All eyes are on Erica and Trevor as they whoop it up on the dance floor. Brooke and Jack get into a fight, and he dares her to humiliate Erica with her damaging article about Enchantment supporting the landfill. Brooke backs down at first, but when she bumps into Erica and they exchange nasty words, Brooke throws the article in Erica's face. In tears, Erica runs straight into Jack's arms.

Hayley fumes when Brian walks in with his date, An Li. Livia and Tom turn a few heads when they enter together. Meanwhile, Gloria corners Craig and they kiss passionately. When Dixie misses Craig, she takes Stephen along to look for him. The doc spots Gloria and Craig smooching and steers Dixie away. Later, when Stephen confronts Craig, Lawson covers by saying Gloria is an old flame who won't give up.


Craig finally convinces Dixie to elope. They honeymoon at a quiet inn. Thinking that she's going to meet Craig there, Gloria shows up at the inn. Craig sees her and informs Gloria that he's now married. Shocked, Gloria threatens to spill the beans, but Craig calls her bluff, saying that Dixie would never believe her.


Erica writes an editorial in The Bulletin explaining Enchantment's involvement in the landfill project. Under the guise of business, Ms. Kane also gets Jack to accompany her to New York. Later, when Jack tries to make up with Brooke, she accuses him of still caring about Erica. Jack admits that she may be right. They decide to give each other some space.


At Trevor's request, Donna invites Nat to lunch and then ducks out. When Trevor enters, Nat is stunned and they argue. She runs into the elevator with Trevor following, and they get stuck inside.

Nat has flashbacks of the well and starts freaking out. She screams for Dimitri. When the repairmen announce that it may be hours before the problem is fixed, Trevor decides to phone Dimitri. Nat soon begins to respond to Trevor's comforting and asks him to hold her.

As Nat clings to Trevor, the elevator begins to move. When the doors open, Nat runs into Dimitri's arms. Trevor is dismayed when Nat and Dimitri leave together. Later, Nat visits Trevor, and thanks him for calling Dimitri. Back at Wildwind, Dimitri tells Nat that they've been subpoenaed to testify at Janet's trial.


When Brooke tells Adam that Jack and Erica are in N.Y., Adam heads after them. Meanwhile, Erica starts her game of seduction, and Jack confesses that he still wants her. She feigns surprise, and he pulls her into a hot kiss. In the midst of their passion, Adam knocks on the door.

Pretending not to see Jack, Adam rambles on about Erica's plot to snare Jack. At first Erica denies it, but when Jack isn't buying her story, she comes clean. She confesses that her love for him made her do it. Disgusted, Jack walks out. Erica then screams at Adam, who in turn admits that he wants her for himself.


Mimi takes the news well when Livia tells her that her case has been postponed. Later, Tom asks Livia out on a date, but she turns him down. When he asks Derek if his being white is an issue, Derek informs Tom that Livia doesn't trust any man since Terrence's father, Lucas, abandoned her.


Gloria takes a room in the same inn where Dixie and Craig are staying. Craig leaves a sleeping Dixie and goes to Gloria's room. Gloria admits that she's tormenting him because she loves him. She pressures Craig to make love, and he does. feeling guilty, Craig returns to Dixie and sincerely tells her that he loves her. They also make love.


Hayley, Brian, Trevor, Dimitri and Nat are all in attendance at Janet's trial. Hamilton, the district attorney, informs them that only Trevor and Nat need to stay, as their testimony will be enough to send Janet to jail, instead of the loony bin. Janet begs Livia to let her take the stand. As Janet begins to speak, Trevor and Nat hold hands.


Jack tells Brooke about Erica's schemes. They make their peace and say a painful good-bye. Meanwhile, Erica pretends to be sick and has Opal give Jack the news. Jack is wise to Opal, but he goes to see Erica anyway. He catches her trying to make herself look sick. "You love the drama of chasing a man more than the man himself," he says angrily, and leaves.

As Erica sobs, she's pulled into a passionate kiss. When she opens her eyes, it's Adam who's kissing her. He presents Erica with a huge diamond ring and proposes. When Erica says that she would never remarry him, Adam informs her that she won't have to, "We're still married," he announces.

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Thanks. I didn't know Donna was still around at this time.


This sounds like the final days of Lorraine and Wisner. I think Megan would fly solo in early 1992. Yeah, Donna and Chuck were around thru the very early part of Megan's tenure. I remember a big roundtable goodbye dinner for them at the Goal Post.

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On a cold afternoon, Jenna pays a visit to her mom's grave. She notices a mysterious man kneeling at the gravestone. As the teen approaches, he rushes away. Jenna notes that he left her mother's favorite flowers- violets. Jenna tells Lucas and Felicia that she thinks that man could have been her father. Lucas is determined to find Jenna's real dad.


Michael is telling Rachel how much he cares for her when Spencer barges in and urges them to help rally votes for Grant- Rachel agrees to do it. At the Harrison campaign headquarters, it's neck and neck between the two parties. Vicky rallies the supporters, urging them to garner more votes. At last, the call with the final results comes in: Grant Harrison is now a senator. Rachel congratulates Spencer with a kiss.


Ryan confides in Frankie about Carl's claim of skeletons existing in the Harrison family closet. Determined to uncover the truth, Ryan and Frankie sneak into Carl's suite and find an incriminating folder. It seems that Grant accepted huge contributions from Hutchins. Ryan heads out to confront his brother on the biggest night of Grant's life.


Ryan reaches his father first. Spencer admits that it was he and not Grant who got involved with Hutchins. Grant became Signet to protect Spencer. Grant and Spencer hoped that exposing Carl would land him in jail. Ryan has no choice but to turn his father in.

As the two Harrisons slip out the back and go to the precinct, Jake overhears the conversation and leaks the news to a reporter. He heads to the townhouse (where an anxious Paulina waits for Grant) and tells his wife she's been stood up- her beloved is trying to bail out his dad at the police station.


At the precinct, Spencer urges his son to break away from his father and condemn what Spencer did- it's the only way to save Grant's career.

Amanda moves in with Sam. Together they burn their divorce papers in the fireplace. However, the couple realize they have to get to know each other once again, and Amanda moves out. They agree it'll take some time to learn about each other.


Rachel comforts John and tells him he can call her anytime. She knows what he's going through- it took her a long time to get over Mac. Cass and Frankie want to plan a memorial service for Sharlene. John doesn't like the idea. That afternoon, a motorcycle arrives at the farm. Sharlene ordered it months before for John's birthday. It's the last gift he'll ever get from Sharlene, John says. He jumps on the bike and takes off, leaving Frankie alone with Gregory for hours. When he finally returns, Frankie informs him that he has a son that needs him and he'd better stick around.


Ryan receives a note from Carl: "I misjudged you. Even I wouldn't betray my own flesh and blood!" Furious, Ryan heads to the police department and promptly resigns. Billy wants him to reconsider. He comments that Ryan is playing right into Carl's hands.

Spencer is reeling from the cloud of controversy. When Rachel visits he admits his guilt to her. He tells his son that he loves him, but Ryan says it's to late.


At the press conference, Grant says he hopes his father is innocent but stresses that Spencer will be investigated nonetheless. Jake orders Grant to stay away from Paulina or Grant will have another scandal on his hands. Paulina tells Grant that she was the one who shot Jake. She waits for a response, then looks down and sees he's asleep- he hasn't heard a word.


Frankie wishes Kathleen good luck in New York. Kathleen tells Frankie that she really admires and respects her. Cass and Kathleen have a tearful farewell at the airport, and Cass says he'll visit her in New York when he comes in for business.... Matt figures out that it was Carl who supplied the money for D & M Productions. After Matt and Lorna argue, they kiss passionately.... Jake and Paulina have a hard time cohabiting. She's always walking around in a robe and his shirt is always open. Finally, Jake can't resist- he kisses her. She responds but then slaps him.


Lucas arranges for his friend Rick to track down Jenna's dad. Rick should have an answer soon. Meanwhile, Felicia and Lucas plan a "coming out" party for their daughter to help take her mind off Dean's departure to New York. Matt throws Dean a going-away party. After a passionate good-bye, Jenna hits the books. She can't study, so she rushes to the airport for one last kiss. It's too late: Dean's plane is on the runway about to take off.

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Secrets from Darryl Crawford's life catch up with him. Worried that Frannie might get hurt as the investigation of Carolyn's death nears completion, Hal takes her brother, Tom Hughes, into his confidence. Darryl is Jennifer's father, Hal tells him. Tom is floored and furious; he has a temper tantrum while on the phone with Darryl. Frannie wants to know why. Margo wants to know why her husband's so angry, but Tom puts a cork in it. Looking guiltier than usual, Barbara approaches Tom and says, "You know, don't you?"


Julie bids good-bye to Andy. No, she doesn't want to see baby Aaron, she says. Andy initiates a kiss. Courtney asks Andy what is going on with Julie already; intuition tells Courtney that she has no future with Andy- and she ends their relationship. Andy begs her for another chance.


Jury selection begins for Duncan's trial. Kira won't talk to her mother about that picture of McKechnie that Kara stole, although it will surely be mentioned. The legal ramifications of Kira's abuse allegation have the teen feeling cornered, and she begins to suspect the motives of her literacy teacher, Nancy Hughes, of all people. Duncan's attorney, Jessica, meets with Felix Harrison, a power broker from Chicago's Afro-American community.


Nicole Van Doren reveals to Darryl that Gavin paid her and her husband to "run into" him and Frannie on their honeymoon in Sardinia. Detective Higgins reports that the note found in Philippe's pocket, which implicated Arthur in the murder, was typed on Philippe's typewriter. Nicole and Darryl are followed to a park by a man in a trench coat: Nicole leaves her compact behind. When Darryl goes back to retrieve it, he finds Gavin there.


Tom eventually unburdens himself to Margo. Even if Darryl was unfaithful, it doesn't prove that he murdered Carolyn, Margo argues. Margo tells Darryl that she knows about his affair with Barbara. If he doesn't tell Frannie, Tom might do it for him, she suggests. Then she puts Barbara on the spot by telling her she should tell Darryl and Frannie. Barbara sighs. Margo almost tells Darryl herself- until she sees how much Frannie likes playing with Little Jennifer.


Darryl wonders if Gavin followed him and Nicole to the park. Gavin catches up with Nicole at the police station, telling her to trust only him, not Darryl. To that end, he gives her a locked briefcase of "sensitive" material to deliver to an employee of his in Paris, Margo tells Darryl that the clerk at Philippe's hotel said an attractive woman with an accent delivered an envelope for Philippe the day he was murdered. Detective Hughes thinks she dropped off the typewritten note that was found at the murder site, but Tom wonders how Arthur would ave gotten his hands on Philippe's typewriter. Later, Vicki admits to Margo that she did deliver an envelope to Philippe but says she didn't use an accent. Arthur tells Margo the envelope contained a letter warning Philippe not to blackmail him or else. Arthur would go to the police. Arthur suggests that Vicki take a look at the police sketch of the woman who went to the hotel.


Vicki also serves as a messenger for Arthur, she delivers a manila envelope of one hundred dollar bills to her husband, Anthony. What do you know about your driver? Arthur asks her. He takes me here, he takes me there, Vicki says. Arthur thinks she should doublecheck to see if the man is a spy. Hal thinks the Harpers are catching on to him, but makes plans anyway to stay at the same hotel as Philippe. When Margo tries to reach him, he's not registered there- or anywhere else in town.


Barbara heads to the Dominican Republic with Gavin Kruger to divorce Hal. She needs Gavin to get her through the night, Babara says. She has a desperate dream in which Hal changes his mind about the divorce at the last minute.


At home, Andy commiserates with Baby Aaron when Courtney takes up with Evan Walsh. Courtney lays down the law with Andy. Stay away from me, she says, or I'll never conquer my own problems.


Back from his honeymoon, Holden decides to resign from Walsh. He wants out of the corporate brat pack: he wants to rediscover the simple stable boy who once pitched hay in the barn. He'll have to wait to resume that Chore. Brother Caleb is in they hayloft making love with Holden's ex-wife Angel. Mama Emma cheers Caleb on: He's always been such a loser. Angel frets about getting more seriously involved with him because she can't have children, but Caleb tells her to put her fears to rest.

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Stephanie tries to stop Brooke from moving back in with Eric, but she refuses to listen. Just as Eric's about to tell his lawyer to proceed with the divorce, Brooke agrees to a two-month transition period-not as a reconciliation, but as a condition for divorce.


Macy's furious when Julie reveals that Clarke knew about Sally's pregnancy months ago. Meanwhile, Sally's touched by Clarke's devotion and support during her trying delivery of their premature son. Following a nasty run-in with Clarke, Macy attempts to break the truth to her mom, but Sally's sound asleep.


Ridge hates the idea of Brooke living with Eric and wants her to move out. However, she feels it's the easiest way for her to get a divorce. Angry, Ridge knows Eric will never hand Brooke over in two months and demands she start fighting for him if he's what she really wants.


Jake and Felicia are kissing passionately when Stephanie interrupts. Depressed, Stephanie confides in Felicia about Eric and Brooke's arrangement. Felicia tries to convince her mom not to fret- Brooke loves Ridge, and will leave Eric in two months. Stephanie wants to believe that, but fears Eric will win Brooke over.


When Margo questions Blake about Punching Bill, he insists he was merely defending the honor of the woman he loves. Margo's flattered, and relieved to hear that Blake's violent panic attacks were not responsible for the beating.


As Ridge drowns his sorrows in a drink, Taylor spots him and offers a few words of wisdom. She explains that statistics have proven that women who have affairs and then marry the other man on the rebound, generally have unsuccessful second marriages. Ridge insists he and Brooke are different and that they'll marry one day.

When Jake brings Sally flowers, Macy accuses him of maneuvering himself back into her life. Sympathizing with Jake, Sally offers to put in a good word for him with Macy if he tells her what the big secret is at Forrester. Jake later asks Margo about the secret, but she refuses to reveal anything- not even to her own brother.


Stephanie's not happy when Eric reveals his new plan of attack: to woo and court Brooke until she falls back in love with him. Eric calls the florist and sends Brooke five dozen roses. A bit overwhelmed, Brooke hides the flowers from Ridge, who drops by the lab to apologize for his earlier temper tantrum. He's just afraid Eric is going to sabotage their love for each other. Brooke assures Ridge that the two months will pass quickly and then they'll be together forever.


Clarke's deeply touched when Sally decides to name their son after him. As they embrace, Macy watches from a distance. Unable to remain silent for another moment, Macy privately breaks the terrible news of Clarke's deception to her mother. Sally is staggered that Clarke's only interest was in staying married long enough to own half of her company. Seeing her tears, Clarke wonders why Sally's so upset, but she says she needs some time alone.


Jake admits to Margo that, although he and Felicia are dating again, it's just not the same with her as it was with Macy. Felicia, on the other hand, is thrilled with their renewed relationship. She tells Jake that her dismal future at Spectra is bearable because of him.


Macy is far from convinced when Julie retracts her whole story, insisting that she made everything up because she was angry with Clarke and wanted revenge. Macy's certain that Julie's just afraid Clarke will find out she spilled the beans.


Eric's annoyed when Brooke has a romantic dinner with Ridge at Pierre's. Eric insists that Brooke behave like Mrs. Eric Forrester- which means he doesn't want her being wined and dined by another man. Brooke can't believe Eric's forbidding her to see Ridge, but he's unwavering. Eric expects to live as husband and wife with her and to spend time together as a family for the next two months.


Blake invites Taylor to dinner after she admits that, although she's still captivated by Ridge, it's time to move on. Later, Eric pays the doc a visit, urging her to make a play for Ridge if she's still interested. he explains his current living arrangement with Brooke and says he has no intention of losing his wife to Ridge. This advice does not fall on deaf ears.

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The town of Salem holds its collective breath as Shane, Roman, John, Bo and Brian work together to free Kimberly and Kayla from Cal's clutches.

During the course of the dramatic rescue, Cal is seriously injured, but the Brady sisters are eventually reunited with family and friends. Although Kayla is overjoyed to be back in Shane's arms, she refrains from telling him the revelation she heard from Cal-that Shane is Jeanne's natural father. The guilt gnaws at Kayla.


Hawk further endears himself to Jennifer by supporting all of her business decisions-something that Jack never did. Jennifer attempts to remain strong in her resolve to move on without her husband, but it isn't so easy.


Molly grows more excited about the possibility of meeting her mom, but when she arrives at the pier, she sees another mother and daughter being reunited. Molly covers her disappointment by concentrating on her upcoming birthday party. She agrees to invite Tanner, but only if Julie invites Chip.

Tanner keeps trying to get Ginger to talk about her past, but she denies that her real name is Genevieve. Ginger decides to work the party at Julie's penthouse, unaware it's Molly's birthday.


Roman, Marlena and John discover that the strange numbers in the John Black file are conneceted to astronomy. They suspect that Lawence may be playing a key role in the mystery. Roman reveals that the pyramid sketch was drawn by Lawence and Gretchen. Everyone wonders what this new clue means.

As jury selection for Carly's trial commences, no one is aware that the murder victim,Victor, is alive. He's plotting to keep Bo and Carly apart and find the hidden treasure cache.

Isabella continues to hide her pregnancy, although she wants to help John as much as she can. She is shocked when John admits he's been having flashbacks of being tatooed in the San Cristobal cell where Roman was held prisoner.

Roman, John and Marlena may not agree on much, but they all come to the same, inescapable conclusion: A journey to Cancun, Mexico, is needed to finally get to the bottom of their mutual dilemma. They arrive with high hopes that they will be able to uncover the mystery and find all the answers they need.


Roman exciteldy figures out that the Castillo is actually the name of the pyramid that he and John have both been having flashbacks of. In his free time, Roman attempts to rekindle the flames of passionate love he used to share with his wife. However, she is still very apprehensive about renewing a sexual realtionship just yet. And there's also the confused John, to who Marlena feels a responibilty. John recalls running along the beach a long time ago, as if he were in rigorous training for something.


Isabella is off on her own quest. She's hot on the trail of her father, more convinced than ever that Victor is really alive and pulling strings. But will she be able to locate him before he pulls off his master plan? Back in Salem, Marcus steams when he figures out that Gynnis was using him to try to find Carly.

After receiving an urgent phone call from his sister, Bo leaves Carly to join Isabella in Mexico. He vows to bring back Victor and thus get Carly off the hook on her murder charge. When he boards the plane, Bo is stunned to find a fugitive from justice seated next to him. It's Carly, on the lam from the authorities.


After months of interuppted trysts, Kayla and Shane finally make love for the first time. Afterward, Kayla is wracked with guilt. No it's not the sex that she regrets, but the fact that she hasn't yet told Shane that he-not Cal -may be Jeanne's biological daddy. So ,Kayla spills the shocking news to her new lover, who in turn tells an equally stunned Kimberly. Everyone wonders if Shane will be able to forgive Kayla for witholding the information in order to hold on to Shane.


A masked man breaks into Jennifer's penthouse and leaves behind a note. When Hawk discovers it, he realizes it's from Jack and decides he must hide it from Jenn. Meanwhile, Jennifer refuses to give up on her missing husband, and she desperately attempts to revive her beloved but wilted jade plant.


At Molly's birthday party, Ginger breaks down when she realizes that Molly is her long-lost daughter. Although Tanner confronts Ginger when he sees her run from the celebration, she vows to keep the truth from Molly in order to protect her from the clutches of vindictive Hawk. Molly and Tanner grow closer than ever, while Ginger tries to push Brian away.

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I wasn't watching DAYS regularly then, but here's what I recall: Hawk was a spoiler for Jack & Jennifer. He romanced Jennifer while conning Jack out of his fortune. Hawk was played by J. Eddie Peck, who later starred on Y&R as Cole Howard, who was involved with both Victoria Newman and Ashley Abbott (and was once thought to be Victor Newman's son). I believe Hawk was somehow related to Molly, who was played by Shannon Sturges. Shannon later starred on Savannah and Port Charles. Molly was romantically linked with Tanner, played by a very young Michael Easton (now John McBain on OLTL). Ginger was Molly's long-lost mother, played by Roberta Leighton, who first found soap fame as Dr. Cassie Reed, Nikki's sister on Y&R. None of the stories these people were involved in was very good, though I did find Molly and Tanner charming together.

Chip was a young doctor that pursued Julie, whose character had inexplicably divorced Doug and been transformed into a high-powered businesswoman complete with an ultra-glam penthouse.

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Thanks. Such great details, I appreciate them.

Oh that's right, Chip was that character that Jay Pickett played. Jay was so good on PC.

I'd heard of Tanner but wasn't sure of any of the others. Ginger in particular.

I guess this wasn't a great time for DAYS.

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How did fans feel about Dixie while Tad was gone?

Dixie was still popular without Tad. Cady McClain won the SOD Award for Best Heroine as Dixie in 1991 (the year of this synoposis) for all soaps (not just AMC), which was voted on by the fans (this was back when the SOD awards were televised - I still have the clip somewhere).

I think someone told me Craig wasn't a very popular character.

He was not. Craig came to town after Tad was presumed dead, pretending that he was friends with Tad when they were private detectives in California (they did work with each other at the same agency, but Tad really disliked him). I believe that Craig set up some sort of robbery in a drug store so he would have to save Dixie. Dixie was living at Cortlandt Manor with Palmer, Opal and Will and Palmer & Opal were grateful to Craig for saving Dixie. Craig moved into Cortlandt Manison and they all became quite close and Craig became Palmer's protege. Will was wise to him and knew that Craig was trying to scam them to get his hands on the Cortlandt money. Palmer, Opal and Dixie believed Craig over Will which contributed to Will's downfall into a rapist. (It was well written as you felt bad for Will as he turned into this bad person as his family turned against him, when he was the one who was right). Eventually Craig really did fall in love with Dixie but Gloria was blackmailing him and he was sleeping with both of them. In general, Craig was a creep and even when he did realize he really loved Dixie he was still an unappealing character who played a big role in Will's downward spiral. He even made the clever Palmer look like a fool.

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Thanks. The Will story sounds great; you often only hear the bad elements of his character but it sounds like one of those stories soaps don't try now, which builds over time.

So Craig was gone by the time Tad returned then?

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So Craig was gone by the time Tad returned then?

Yes, Craig was long gone. After Will was murdered all of Craig's betrayls came out on videotape during Will's murder trial, and proved that Will had been right about him all along (Dixie promptly divorced him). Dixie felt so guilty about not believing Will that she felt she had betrayed her brother which had sent him on the downward spiral which resulted in his death. Dixie's guilt lead to her having a nervous breakdown.

She would hang out at Will's apartment and Will's ghost would talk to her. She would then go out to bars and pick up strange men and take them back to Will's apartment but would finally come to her senses just short of doing the nasty with them. One guy didn't want to stop and almost raped her but then Brian Bodine came to her rescue. They got very close and became clandestinely romantically involved (mainly due to their age difference which was slightly silly since Brian was either 18 or 19 and Dixie was in her early 20's). Needless to say a lot of things happened but by the day that Tad and Dixie finally encountered each other for real after Tad's return from the dead, that was day that Dixie had eloped with Brian!

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Robert assembles the suspects at the lighthouse and produces evidence-footprints found outside-that indicates Bill murdered Nancy.


Bill insists he's innocent. Just as the police are about to arrest Bill, Finian yells out, "He's telling the truth!" Finian confesses to killing Nancy. Scorpio knew all along but had to smoke out the murderer.

"Please tell Sly I'm so sorry," Finian tells a sympathetic Bill, who hires him a lawyer. The news hits sly hard. He never wants to see Finian again.


Scott faces disbarment. Lucy's moping-she has no money and no job, and Scott won't help out.


Saunders Cable will broadcast Founder's Day festivites. The cartel is pleased-they'll control the media during the demonstration of carbon disulfide to foreign dignitaries.

The WSB cracks Taub's code book. Anna's trying to both figure out the signification of certain dates and prove Edward was murdered. Mac learns Dominique is making progress at the sanatorium.

At the cannery, Bill and Robert open a secret panel and find equipment used to distill carbon disulfide. A guard sees them walking around and informs the cartel. Bill tells them Scorpio had a search warrant but found nothing.

The cartel orders Bill to obtain the layout of poilce headquarters, plus personnel and payroll schedules. He complies.

The cartel orders Paul to get Tracy's ELQ shares or she will die. That's the last straw for Paul, who goes over to Sean's side.


Paul can't forget Jenny. He kisses her, but she won't have an affair with a married man. Ned proposes to Jenny, who needs to think.

A.J. is jealous that Sheila'sspending time with Eric Simpson. He plants drugs in the intern's locker and "confesses" to Audrey that Eric's stealing drugs.

In a country inn, Bill and Julia sip champagne and begin to make love.

Next morning at the cannery, Bill discovers a shipmeny tanks ordered by Harlan. Later, the tanks are gone and Bill suspects that they're being used by the cartel.


Anna suggests Sean allay Paul's fears about a reprisal from the cartel by arranging security for Susan through the WSB. Via the Environmental Protection Agency, halts construction on a red-door secret room in one of the canneries.

Mac learns that the tenth floor of the Port Charles Hotel has been booked by a global peace organziation. Taub is picking up the tab. Mac complies a list of the guests. Sean determines all are out of favor with their countries' goverments.


Anna tracks down Jack Taub's stepbrother and the pilot who flew Edward to Bermuda. Stone retired after the terryfying flight. When Anna wonders how he affords a lavish estate, tone claims he came into family money. How did he survive the crash? Stone's convenient asthma attack prevents him from responding. Next, Anna visits Alice Pimsly, who survived the crash. Alice's memory of Edward is vaugue, though she says he may have been picked up by a boat. Anna suspects Edward is alive. She plans to check out Sardo, who rescued crash survivors.


Eric is stunned when he opens his locker and finds a bottle of pills. Simpson insists. Steve suspends him pending an investigation. Sheila anonymously phones Alan and claims A.J. may be responsible for Eric's predicament. Alan and Monica hope they can shame their son into admitting his guilt.

Lucy's locked out until she pays her hotel bill. Scott's using his cash to fight disbarment, but agrees to pay her bill and get her a room for a week.


Finian pleads criminally negligent homicide and is sentenced to five years of probation plus community service. Sly wants Fininan back at the lighthouse.


The cartel has a final test for Bill:prove his loyalty by killing Robert. Later, Scorpio on the docks. Harlan emerges from the shadows and offers congratulations, but he wants to make sure the job is done and aims a gun at Robert's head. Bill shoots Harlan.

Bill tells the cartel that Harlan tried to stop the execution, so he had to kill him, too. Taub and Faison admit they had suspicions about Barrett.

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