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OLTL: The Ford Brothers

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Personally i thought Robert was ok until Langston & Robert started getting it on.

James bores me.

I think what they are doing is trying to lure Cole & Markko away from Langston & Starr and pair them up with new people.

Whenever i saw Langston & Robert together, i felt that Langston wasn`t Langston anymore. Her independence had been sort of stripped and that Robert Ford was using her or manipulating her to make her fall in love with him and distant from him ? Anyone agree.

I feel the same is happening to Starr with James, I feel her independence as a Lord is slowly been deminished into one of The Ford Brother`s lovers. Langston was being used by Ford, Ford was a user and a sex addict.

Danielle & Nate is an ok pairing as you can tell Nate cares for Danni and Danni cares for Nate, but personally i liked Matthew & Danni more.

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