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Kylie's 11 album, out July


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She's had trouble with leaks (and often leaks as you know of demos that don't even make her album and sharply divide her fan base) since Fever nearly 10 years back, before leaks were more common than not, poor lady. And yeah, it seems so shocking that Parlophone actually seems to maybe be handling this project right... I actually replayed X all the way through today and I still think it's overall a better album than many fans seem to think--but they did [[email protected]#$%^&*] up with the singles (more to the point, what singles were released where) and the album does try to shove in too many different styles (which is why I think it was brilliant to hire Stuart Price not to write the full album--so we still get work from some great Kylie collaborators like Biffco and Calvin Harris, apparently RedOne's tracks were rejected as not fitting the style which sounds for the best--but Price will do the final mix, to lend some cohesion etc I also love the idea of a album that's continuously segued like the old 70s disco albums were.).

I'm ridiculously excited-- I hope they actually release the CD in the US at the same time as Canada and the UK and everywhere else-- I know she's now on Astralwerks in the US instead of the regular EMI/Parlophone like here and elsewhere, which could be smart because she's actually a big act for them there, whereas on the American EMI labels she's a small fish. But in the past, I think the real problem was the (not massive) US fanbase she undoubtedly has doesn't wanna wait 3-6 months for a US release and orders the Canadian or Uk or whatever edition. It's just common sense.

I saw her mini tour last Fall as you know, and it sold out nearly everywhere in N America (admittedly she did theatres, not full arenas) and got killer reviews, so I can't help thinking it was a test to include our continent on her next tour... Fingers crossed (she's a great live act, as again, I'm sure you know).

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I'm hearing next week or the week after, but I'm pretty sure it'll have appeared online by next week. The video is being shot in LA right now, and is going to be one of Kylie's higher budget videos (not saying too much since, like most UK artists, her videos tend to be not budgeted like US stars). A cast of 80 extras/dancers who have been mainly chosen for looking Greek/Mediteranean, and apparently it's set to be her most "sexual" video (which makes me think they'll go with the Aphrodite album theme of a Greek love goddess) with Joseph Kahn directing--famous for his Britney/Gaga/Pussycat Dolls, etc, videos (I'm mixed on his style--he uses too much CGI which often gives his images a blurred look--think Toxic and Womanizer but it still promises to be more interesting than most Kylie videos). The video premiers a few weeks after the radio premier (I never get why in this current marketplace though that put singles for sale, online and on CD, so far after the video premier--in this case 5 weeks or so. If they really wanna discourage illegal downloads, it makes no sense to me, but it's standard practice in the UK right now).

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Kylie's always had great videos, budget or not. If you wanna see a big act with budget videos look at Girls Aloud lol. Their videos pre-Tangled Up were horrendously cheap and they were so poorly styled. It's weird to look at a song I love like Something Kinda Ooh and then I see the video...yuck!

But Kylie's had good luck so I'm not worried. Now the actual single I'm not worried either. The instrumental sounds massive. I just love the sound of it and the look. I hope nobody messes this up for her.

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The video premiers a few weeks after the radio premier (I never get why in this current marketplace though that put singles for sale, online and on CD, so far after the video premier--in this case 5 weeks or so. If they really wanna discourage illegal downloads, it makes no sense to me, but it's standard practice in the UK right now).

To make it last longer? The song?

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Chris you know I'm a massive Girls Aloud fan and you're dead on--a friend made some comment about how you know it's a GA video if they have one single cardboard set, tacky costumes, and a hilariously bad dance routine (I admit it's almost become part of their charm). To be fair though GA have only ever been a purely UK act--they do massively well there, and I'm not sure why they haven't tried marketing them more to at least the rest of Europe (they tried half heartedly in Australia) other than that they're on Fascination Records, a crap label where they're their only hit. But Kylie at least is guaranteed to get her videos played in Asia, Oz, most of Europe--so yeah that makes some sense.

Sylph, your point makes sense but singles don't usually climb the charts after the first week anyway (like they used to), now, like with movies, the first week is all that matters, and this practice seems to be causing more and more probs.

DigitalSpy is doing a countdown to the album, but reviewing one by one her previous ten albums. They're kinda fun to read, especially of the early Stock/Aitken/Waterman albums (I do pretty much agree with this review of album one, though as they say I Should Be So Lucky is kinda a charming classic, and I have a massive soft spot for Turn it Into Love especially when she incorporates it into her current live shows).


Introducing Kylie: Revisited

Wednesday, April 28 2010, 11:52am EDT

By Nick Levine, Music Editor

Kylie what? Well, to whet our appetites for her new album - due July 5 - we're going to be delving deep into the little Aussie pop rocket's back catalog. In fact, we'll be revisiting each of her ten studio albums, one a week for the next ten weeks, beginning in entirely logical fashion with her 1988 debut, Kylie. They really don't make album covers like that any more, do they?

Anyway, we're actually listening to Kylie as we type and we'll be sharing our thoughts - Has it stood the test of time? What's its very best moment? Does it feature any forgotten gems? - this Saturday. So, in other words, if you want to get involved in the Kylietastic action, pop it on your iPod/CD player/Spotify NOW!

Here at DS we're fans of the whole chronological order thing, so let's kick off with The Singing Budgie's 1988 debut.

Release date: July 4, 1988

Songwriting/production cast: Stock, Aitken and Waterman

Chart performance: Where to start? Kylie peaked at No.1 in the UK and eventually went seven times platinum after spawning four top three singles: 'I Should Be So Lucky', 'Got To Be Certain', 'The Loco-Motion' and 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi'. It also charted just outside the top 50 stateside after 'The Loco-Motion' became a US top three smash.

The sound: See "songwriting/production cast".

Standout track: An obvious choice, but anyone who denies 'I Should Be So Lucky' classic status has clearly let their tune detection muscles turn to flab.

Hidden gem: The wistful-yet-optimistic 'Turn It Into Love' is actually a pretty touching unrequited love song - and it was a No.1 smash in Japan to boot.

Lyrical nugget: This excerpt from 'Love At First Sight' - no, not that 'Love At First Sight', but an earlier tune with the same title - pretty much epitomises Kylie's lyrical style: "He smiled at me, asked me to dance / He told me he'd seen me before / I could not resist his advances / I know I should see him some more".

Fascinating fact: 'Turn It Into Love' was covered by Same Difference for their 2008 debut, Pop.

Our verdict: The bog-standard S.A.W. production renders Kylie as dated as that haircut on the album cover, and it's as loaded with variety as a loaf of bread, but the little Aussie pop rocket is already showing signs of personality and the record's quintessentially '80s charm ultimately wins through.

Star rating: A (very) affectionate *** out of *****

Next week: It's got 'Hand On Your Heart', it's got 'Never Too Late', it's got 'Tears On My Pillow'... it's 1989's Enjoy Yourself!

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The single will premier this Friday on UK radio... Some photos of the video being made HERE (No big surprises--half naked boys, and Kylie, but she looks terrific)



Kylie: Revisited #2: 'Enjoy Yourself'

Saturday, May 8 2010, 8:52am EDT

By Nick Levine, Music Editor

Ready for another serving of Kylie: Revisited (and another album cover that prompts a near-instinctive "WHAT IN THE NAME OF QUALITY MILLINERY WHAT SHE THINKING?) Course you are!

Release date: October 9, 1989

Songwriting/production cast: Stock, Aitken and Waterman

Chart performance: Though not quite as much of a unit-shifter as its predecessor, Enjoy Yourself still became a quadruple-platinum UK chart-topper with four top five hits to its name: 'Hand On Your Heart', 'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'Never Too Late' and 'Tears On My Pillow'. Not too shabby, eh?

The sound: More perky, plasticky Stock Aitken Waterman pop, but this time with the odd retro moment like 'Tears On My Pillow' thrown in.

Standout track: Put it this way... this piece is a wee bit late because it's hard to type while re-enacting the 'Hand On Your Heart' dance routine.

Hidden gem: It's got to be the title track, a party tune with a Seize The Day message and the merest hint production-wise that Kylie might go clubbier next time out.

Lyrical nugget: We like all of 'Enjoy Yourself's carpe diem couplets, but this one's probably our favorite: "For nothing comes to those who will not try / You may just as well have kissed your dreams goodbye".

Fascinating fact: The North American edition of Enjoy Yourself included a little-known bonus track called... oh, what was it again... 'Especially For Me' or something?

Our verdict: It's got a bit more variety than her debut, but one or two fewer strong tunes - and consequently a touch less charm. Still, if you're fond of the singles and Minogue at her most ingenuous, you'll find that Enjoy Yourself makes good on the promise of its title.

Star rating:*** (out of *****)

Next week: Kylie discovers co-writing credits, clubbing and her lovely flat tummy on 1990's Rhythm Of Love

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I hope all this hype doesn't kill the song. It's been hailed so much that, if it's anything less than spectacular, it will crash.

But I really do want it to be awesome. Just brilliantly, fantastically awesome.

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Less than 24hours till the single's high quality premier (a low quality version has leaked but I'm avoiding it). Meanwhile Digital Spy had this review:

Yesterday your trusty DS music scribes were lucky enough to listen to the new Kylie single, 'All The Lovers', in full, three times over and at a perfectly respectable volume. Before we're arrested by the Anti-Gloating Police, here's what we jotted down.

1. It was written by London-based electropop duo Kish Mauve - yup, the ones who did '2 Hearts' - and produced by Stuart Price.

2. It doesn't sound like '2 Hearts' at all. It sounds like a classy, danceable and effortlessly elegant electro-disco-pop tune - in other words, A Proper Kylie Single.

3. The chorus is instantly infectious in a "put your arms in the air like you just don't care" kinda way.

4. "All the lovers that have gone before / They don't compare to you," Kylie sings on that chorus. "Don't be frightened, just give me a little bit more / Then don't compare all the lovers."

5. Oh, and that chorus is buoyed by what we can only describe as an "ear-snagging squiggly synth line". Who says DS reviews lack specific technical detail?

6. Refreshingly, Price resists the urge to push the buttons marked "Auto-Tune" and "vocoder", which means we get to hear Kylie in all her slightly-deeper-than-you-might-remember glory.

7. After the second chorus, the lion's share of the production cuts out, leaving Kylie backed solely by strings and a little bit of piano. It's a lovely intimate moment in what is otherwise a pretty BIG-sounding record.

8. Then comes some 'Blue Monday'-style syn-drum action and that squiggly synth riff again.

9. The whole thing clocks in at three minutes and 18 seconds.

10. Kylie's handing it over to Chris Moyles for the first radio play at 8.20ish tomorrow morning.

Now, don't go thinking you can bill DS for the mess you've just made all over your screen

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