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DAYS: Nathan becomes 48th character to receive Horton ornament

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This year, Nathan Horton became the 48th character to receive a Horton Christmas tree ornament. Here's a complete look at the Horton ornaments through the years. For much more info on the "Days" Christmas traditions, please visit this page of my site: http://www.jason47.com/days/dayschristmas.html

Alphabetical listing of the 48 characters to have had a Horton ornament on the tree (since 1983): Abby, Addie, Alice, Alice Caroline (Allie), Belle, Bill, Bo, Bonnie, Carrie, Chelsea, Chloe, Ciara, Claire, David, Doug, Dougie, Faith, Hope, Jack, Jack Jr., Janice, Jennifer, Jeremy, Jessica, John Thomas, Johnny Roman, Joshua, Julie, Laura, Lucas, Maggie, Marie, Melissa, Mickey, Mike, Nathan, Nicholas, Nicole, Peter, Sandy, Sarah, Scotty, Shawn Douglas, Stephen, Tom, Tommy, Will, Zack.

Ornament Debuts since 1983:

1983: Melissa

1986: Bo & "Baby" (for the yet-to-be-born Shawn Douglas)

1989: Faith*

1990: Jack & Shawn Douglas

1992: Abby

1994: Gina (while Hope had amnesia)

1995: Peter*

1996: Lucas & Jeremy

1998: Will

1999: Nicole* & Carrie**

2000: John Thomas

2002: Zack

2004: Bonnie* & Jack Patrick (changed to Jack Jr. in 2005)

2005: Chelsea

2006: Nicholas, Joshua*& Claire

2007: Ciara, Alice Caroline (aka Allie), Johnny Roman (aka Johnny)

2008: Belle & Chloe*

2009: Nathan

*With the divorces of Peter, Nicole, Bonnie and Chloe, these four ornaments have been retired. Faith's also has been retired (she had yet to*marry Scott by the time they left Salem in 1990).

**Carrie's ornament has never been explained. It was never stated that Mike married Carrie, but her ornament was introduced after both had left the show in 1999. It was seen as recently as 2005 in the ornament box, right next to Mike's, and has been retired since then.

In 2001, "Days" aired a special Christmas episode. As part of the episode, ten special ornaments were hung to honor the memory of the many lives lost on 9/11. The ten ornaments shown were: FDNY, NYPD, EMT, Father Mychal Judge, Larry Virgilio, Joe Sacerdote, Susan Pollio, Sal Zisa, Steve Schlag, and a picture of the American flag.

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