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AMC: Wednesday, APRIL 15, 2009

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I agree! Any day without them, the show is on fire. AMC always used to be about family feuds.... and the Chanders vs. Haywards I am really digging. Its amazing how much story Babe's death has put forward, story without her as the central figure :D

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Hello Kyle. Little A was on the Witness Stand and the Judge Asked Little A some Questions. There was No Problem there. Adam Collapsed on the Witness Stand. David's Lawyer asked Adam how old Little A was and Adam Fumbled and then said 4 and Colby Held up 5 Fingers and Adam said 5. David's Lawyer said Which Is It ? 4 or 5 ? Maybe he is 6. Then, Adam Collapsed. They Took Adam to the Hospital, but the Trial Continued. Later, Colby Called Adam and She let Adam hear what was going on at the Trial. Krystal went to the Witness Stand, but the Judge Asked her whether Little A would be Better off with David and Her and She wouldn't Answer the Question. David said that His Wife isn't Feeling Well and she should go home. JR said that he Wanted to hear what Krystal had to Say. Finally, Krystal said that It would Not be Better for Little A to be with Her and David. The Judge said why not. Krystal Finally said that David Hayward is Not the Man that You think he is and that was the Cliff Hanger. That was the Most Exciting Thing Except that Jake Called Somebody and Told them that Colby is All Right. It looks like Jake Called Liza, but we didn't see who Jake was Talking To. Jody

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    • Glad Tsitsipas and Rune lost.  Tsitsipas needs to tell his dad bye bye. I see his argument with his mother made her a no show in Paris.. Lol
    • He's handsome too. However, I'd just prefer they kill Jax off at this point. Jax really became pointless (to me) after being married to Skye. He was OK with Courtney originally, but they quickly sacrificed him for Courtney/Nicholas. And I never bought Jax with Carly. Yes, Ingo and Laura had off-the-charts chemistry, but Jax was always a placeholder for Jason & Sonny. 
    • Carly, just smack your scumbag daughter right in her disgusting face 

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      Why does Joss have like unlimited guarantees? She’s been in 6 of the last 7 episodes Btw, a lot of people are gonna owe Ned an apology when this is all said and done. 
    • It'd be the greatest thing to happen to GH since whats-their-names went on the run from Frank Smith.
    • Speaking of Phil's murder, did anyone here watch the story in "real time"?  Was the reveal shocking, or was it underwhelming?  Given what I know about the storyline, I question whether I would have found the denouement satisfying.  I feel like "Who Killed Phil Brewer?" was one of those stories that demanded a huge, shocking twist, like "Surprise!  Phil actually killed himself!".
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