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Interview with Brian Gaskill

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It looks like I'm enjoying interviewing daytime performers. After Nancy Curlee some days ago, here are some questions asked to Brian Gaskill some minutes ago.

CZ: You’ve played on 5 soaps (AMC, PC, BB, ATWT, GL): which character (Bobby, Rafe, Oscar, B.J. or Dylan) is your favorite and why? Is there any soap character you would have loved to play?

BG: I had fun with each of the characters, and enjoyed making each one "live" in a different way...the most fun was B.J. on ATWT...but Rafe is the one that closest to me in my life...I was proud of how that character seemed to reach people and inspire them to want to really LIVE and be better people. Everytime I start to talk about Rafe it starts to sound a little pretentious maybe...i don't know, Rafe was just one of those characters that took on a life of his own, and I was happy to be along for the ride...

As far as any character I would love to play...who knows...I always regreted not going back to play Bobby, because they had great plans that I would have loved to explore...oh well, maybe some other time...

CZ: Your character of Dylan on GL has been written off last year with real no explanation. Would you explain to us why?

BG: As far as Dylan...I have no explanation really...it was what it was...and I had a great time with great people who put on a great show...I would have loved to explore dylan more...but I was happy with what it was...

CZ: “Guiding Light” has recently been cancelled. Would you like to reprise your role of Dylan for the finale?

BG: I guess it may be more appropriate for the original Dylan to come back, if Dylan came back at all....again, who knows?

CZ: You’ve been on daytime television for nearly 15 years. What do you think has changed?

BG: 15 years...lol...wow...ummm...mostly the only thing that has changed is viewership and competition from 1000 networks, and the internet...soaps will never go away..."daytime" on the otherhand...well so many people have other things to do...and everyone tapes them, or watches later on soapnet...so they will find a home in other places for sure...I guess i'm not really the expert on this, and we'll all just have to wait and see.

CZ: Can you see a future for daytime soaps? If you can, would you like to play in a soap again?

BG: If and when I end up on another one? ...i just can't tell the future...you may want to ask TPTB..."the powers that be"... but they still have some stories to tell for sure...and people who want to watch.

CZ: Thanks Brian

I hope you like it. My next interviews will be with Liz Keifer, Scott McKinsey and Allyson Rice-Taylor :P:D

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I know a lot of people don't like him, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Gaskill, going back to AMC. Loved him there, and I thought he did wonders with Rafe - a character which really should have crashed and burned. But he took that role VERY seriously, played it straight, and it showed.

Didn't like him on ATWT or GL, but really - both were writing issues. He did what he could.

I fully expect to be disagreed with. LOL!

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I have sent him the questions, I am waiting for his answers. He was Ok to do it so I hope I will have the answers soon.

Next to appear on my interview session :

- questions sent: Liz Keifer, John Wesley Shipp, Allyson Rice, Scott McKinsey

- questions to be sent: Tom Casiello, Emily O'Brien

I've sent messages to so many daytime performers including Francesca James, Tina Sloan, Michele Val Jean, Kim Zimmer, Tracey Bregman, etc etc. We'll see if they do answer.

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I always liked Brian Gaskill... my old boyfriend used to go on and on how I look like him, wer'e the same genreal type, but I don't see THAT much resemblance. Anyway.. how the heck did he get to be such a soap-hopper? Did he "leave" his shows, was he let go, or what?

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