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November 24-28, 2008


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That is William Levy. He appears in the spanish soap "Cuidado con el Angel" on Univision at 7pm central time... He is a real hot guy. :D

As for the ratings.....ATWT goes up big in Total Viewers(ranks 4th in Total Viewers) yet falls in the ratings...LOL....the ratings make zero sense...oh well....

It looks like CBS viewers didnt tune in on Monday thus the drop in Y&R and ATWT.

At least we only have to wait 2 days for the next weeks ratings...LOL

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Ratings for the week November 19-23, 2007

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,464,000 (-288,000/-105,000)

2. B&B 3,830,000 (-92,000/-311,000)

3. GH 3,310,000 (+16,000/-65,000)

4. ATWT 2,928,000 (-275,000/-229,000)

5. OLTL 2,829,000 (-18,000/-118,000)

6. AMC 2,685,000 (+78,000/-227,000)

7. GL 2,573,000 (-112,000/-238,000)

8. DAYS 2,561,000 (-127,000/-793,000)

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I stand corrected. Although I stand by the assertion that we shouldn't compare the holiday weeks to regular weeks. There are simply more people home during the day and they're all watching something. I'd love to know how many people were watching the House, M.D. marathon on USA Thanksgiving Day. (Mmmmm...Hugh Laurie plus tryptophan. What a lovely combo.)

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It does make sense too. As I ahve pointed out you cannot judge HH and Viewers as the same esp. now that colleges and universities are in the game.

1 household can represent more than 1 viewer.

If the same amount of households tune in each week - the HH rating is going to stay the same.

But if this week those households have more viewers in them or one small household tunes out but a larger household tunes in then Viewers will go up.

One week they may have a household with only 1 viewer in it and next week lose that household and gain a home with 10 in it. And if they pick up a college or university then you get big time jumps in viewers while that college or university only gets counted as one household.

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Well then you have no excuse. Quit making those crazy statements - since you know why the numbers are that way. :lol: Silly boy.


ATWT is just in a time frame of having larger households watching. I know that the guy who used to be our Nielsen rep said that they were putting a few boxes in nursing home waiting rooms or activity rooms now. So that would be another area where lots of people might be watching at one time.

I know where my Mom's older sister lives in a nursing home in Sumner County they watch in a big group everyday. The TV in the big activity room is on CBS from Price Is Right to the end of GL every day - from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. They even eat their lunch watching Y&R and B&B everyday.

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I am excited about OLTL's ratings. I know it sounds crazy but here's my thinking and it's twofold

1) OLTL got an incremental bump in the previous weeks, and it appears they're holding on to some of those viewers. As long as we don't see dips in the dailies below 2.0 I'm thinking the trends are turning a little bit and at least they've stopped the bleeding.

2) YTD they're tied with DOOL, and we all know that DOOL is trending downward and some of their decisions are going to give them a hit while OLTL is stabilizing and potentially trending upward, so I think by the EOY and heading into next, OLTL is poised to take over 4th position all alone, and potentially overtake GH for third.

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FYI, here are how some of the overnight ratings from programming that was in place of Soaps during the holiday weekdays:


Thursday, 12-12:30 PM ET - NFL Today Pregame Show - 6.4/14

Thursday, 12:30-4 PM ET - NFL: Tennessee at Detroit - 10.9/26

Friday, 1:30-2:30 PM ET - Best of College Football - 1.2/3

Friday, 2:30-6PM ET - College Football: Louisiana State at Arkansas - 2.5/8


Friday, 12-3:30 PM ET - College Football: West Virginia at Pittsburgh - 2.7

Friday, 3:30-7PM ET - College Football: Colorado at Nebraska - 2.9


Thursday, 12-2PM ET - National Dog Show - 5.1/12

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So, another demonstration of why soaps are toast. A DOG SHOW outrated (by far) even the #1 soap. A DOG SHOW!!!!

I wonder if the college football game ratings are artifically suppressed, if some of those games only showed regionally? Those were also not major national matches. (Go Gators!)

The viewers/households works. If this was a year when people stayed home, stayed in (because of the economy), then there would be more congregate viewing. That would also explain the 12-17 bump. ("But GRANDMA, do we have to watch these crappy soaps?"). The only thing I cannot understand is the 18-49.

Neilsens are problematic, especially for non-traditional viewership. But they represent the best and widest probability sample we've got. And, ultimately, probability sampling IS the single best way to get an accurate estimate of national viewing trends.

The census (a population survey) is SUCH an outmoded way of counting. We'd do just as well, with near-identical numbers, with a probability sample. Indeed, much of the supplemental census information is collected via subsampling.

Until something better comes along, Neilsen is fine.

I think something better WILL come along soon. Both DVRs and online viewing allow bidirectional viewer counting. DVRs are registered to homeowners, so they should give us much better household information, in a chronic, real-time way. Linking viewers to people is still an issue, but (during ratings count periods) it wouldn't be tricky to have viewers bar-code or "log in" to watch their DVR shows.

Right now, online broadcasts are anonymous, and so we only get what the cookie-harvesters can construct (which ain't bad), supplemented with the voluntary online surveys by streaming outfits. But it wouldn't take much to build in some registration utility that would give you counts and demographics.

Even the data collection is finally coming into the new millenium. Sara Bibel recently blogged about a kind of experience sampling that is going to happen.

The numbers are going to get better, and better, and more accurate. But you know what? The overall trends for broadcast and daytime are not going to change.

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