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November 24-28, 2008


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Since they hae been showing that dog show on Thanksgiving it always gets better ratings than the soaps. A few years ago it was up in the 7's though - so even it has dropped some.

I wish all of us could somehow get hold of some local ratings. I look around for them all the time.

A few months ago a local station out of Knoxville released their daytime ratings and Y&R was in the 7's in HH's.

And these were recently posted at Daytime Royalty. They are overnights for Dec. 1st from Naples, Florida:

#62 Television Market: Ft. Myers-Naples, FL

Overnight Household Ratings

Monday, December 1

1. Young & The Restless 5.0/14

2. Price is Right 3.5/9

3. As The World Turns 3.0/8

4. Days of Our Lives 2.9/8

5. Guiding Light 2.6/7

6. The View 2.5/6

7. General Hospital 2.2/5

8. All My Children 1.4/4

9. One Life to Live 1.3/4

By the way, B&B does not air in this market. In case you wonder where it is at. As you can see just like Knoxville this is a big CBS market.

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Oh dearest Rhino. We were on he same page once again! I was going to post the same thing.

OLTL seems to have gained an additional 100,000 viewers 3-4 weeks ago that have actually stuck around.

I have not been this "into" OLTL in a decade. It is very watchable drama. And I look forward to it every day.

GH seems to be shedding viewers very slowly. I would love to see OLTL overtake it, but I doubt it will happen. GH seems to have the most -bounceback- power of all the ABC shows, its gonna take another stunt or something but I can see GH getting back up to a 2.4-2.5.

AMC seems to have kept a small portion of their viewers since sweeps, but not as many as OLTL.

In a perfect world Y&R would slowly edge back up to 4.0 and I would love to see OLTL hit a 2.2 or 2.3

And B&B deserves a 1.9. What garbage. They are very lucky to follow Y&R. Blech.

I hate DOOL (the producers/network,ect) It makes me sick that is does so well in the 18-34 and consistently beats or ties OLTL for #3- Corday deserves to watch his show sink after the way he has treated it and his fans.

It shocks me that it even does as well as it does, and it speaks volumes about the loyalty of its fans. OLTL does not have that kind of loyalty but I think that tide may be changing. AMC and OLTL should be fighting like hell. I would love to see them both kick GH's stunt/mob/stunt/mob ass.

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Love this stuff! SOD put out a cool article years abouy the Nielsens in different markets years ago that is still reflective of today's ratings.

CBS kicks serious ass down south. Always has, always will.

ABC kicks ass in major cities, the east coast (NY, Boston, Washington) and west coast.

I live in Boston and everyone I know who watches soaps watches ABC, it was the same way in highschool and when I grew up in New York.

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