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I have really been enjoying seeing Adrianna back on the show. Perfect timing! But it got me to thinking: who is at fault for Rex laying comatose in the hospital, Gigi or Adrianna? Both have made choices over several months that have lead to the current situation. I love that about RC's writing. We got to watch months of plotting that resulted in a big, messy soapy situation! So, who do YOU blame for Rex being shot by Brody? Consider the following:

Gigi's fault:

She lied to Rex about Shane's paternity

She allowed Brody to move in with her and Shane

She announced her love for Rex at the wedding

She let the secret of Shane's paternity go on for waaaaay to long

She let Brody continue the charade of being Shane's father

Gigi treated Brody with a lack of care and did not consider his feelings

Adrianna's fault:

She knew that Shane was Rex's son and said nothing

She brought Brody to Llanview and paid him to get between rex and gigi

She gave Brody Rex's toothbrush that enabled Brody to fake a DNA test

Adrianna used Brody without considering his feelings or position in the situation.

All of the above contributed to the fact that Rex was shot. Who's to blame the most?

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I thought they would have also.

However as someone who watched when Starr and Cole ran off to Virginia Beach, it's not really a surprise. Those scenes were remniscent of whenever SuBe went on location. It was flawless.

However, location shoots aside, I think Richard Manfredi(sp?) should be fired.

The camera work where Roxie was freaking out were an utter mess. They did an disservice to Ilene Kristen for what might have been a submission where she would eventually get nominated and even win, however the camera only stayed on Adrianna whenever Roxie would fret about Rex possibly dying.

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Am I the only one that thought the Jared/Tina stuff was hysterically funny? I loved the way Jared would be telling Tina what he'd found out and she showed no surprise and would add little tidbits and he'd look so confused, but continue telling her what else he'd learned. He was so excited. Then Jared kicking the door in to the basement? I mean I love Jared, but no one will ever confused him with a super hero. He actually sort of reminds me of Jack Devareux from Days. A little more macho than that, but he's still not like this hulking jock type. And then Tina coming in and pulling the lock picks from her bra and proceeding to unlock the door for him. And the shock on his face when he found Natalie . . . exactly where he expected her to be. I don't know, I thought it was all intentionally funny.

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