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DAYS: Actress fired.......more cuts expected


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I was thinking the same thing about the girl who played Melanie - Molly Burnett. I really like her so far and I hope she is kept around for a little longer. But with Roscoe Born being shipped off and what appeared to be setting a story up for Nicole to have had a child with Trent I worry for her.

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If Corday wants to cut a vet who won't have any impact on the canvas then he should definitely cut Josh Taylor. That poor guy has been dead weight since he first came on as Roman back in the 90s...it isn't that Josh is a bad actor, he was great on Y&R, but he's never, ever been given anything to play on DAYS.

I doubt it's Renee, she's got the autism storyline that is very relevant right now, plus she's a talent and the lone African American woman on the show, Corday can't afford to alienate a single viewer.

If the budget's getting really slashed I could see the following:


Bryan Dattillo

Lauren Koslow (get your agent to phone up B&B and come home as Margo Lynley! Hell make a return to Y&R as Lindsey Wells Abbott! Get back in the Bell fold Lauren, it's where you belong!)

Thaoo Penghlis

Josh Taylor

Bumped to Recurring

Peggy McKay

Suzanne Rogers

James Reynolds

Joe Mascolo

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    • Late 1970s was ABC huge rise and P&G shows tanked. Did viewers suddenly switch over from P&G to ABC, or did ABC get a whole bunch of new viewers? Y&R was going strong in the late 1970s but would stumble in 1980 after expanding to one hour and changing time slots.
    • Agnes Nixon saved Another World from being canceled in the late 1960s and it rose to No. 2 in the ratings defeating General Hospital in the time slot.   When ABC saw what Agnes Nixon did with AW and what happened to GH, ABC approached Nixon to create a soap for ABC....One Life to Live debuted in January 1968 and Nixon finished up her headwriting duties at AW.  Then based on OLTL's performance, ABC wanted another soap. Agnes presented All My Children to ABC and the rest is history.   AW was near the top of the ratings from the late 1960s until its collapse in 1979 with GH's giant rise.
    • I had no idea Another World was ever #1.
    • Thanks for these ratings.  All My Children beginning its rise to Number 1 for the 78 to 79 season and finishing Number 3 in the 77 to 78 season.   Interesting to see Another World and As the World Turns as well as AMC battle it out for Number 1 and within the top 3 spots. Also Shocking that Ryan's Hope is higher than General Hospital. GH was slated for cancellation by Fred Silverman until Gloria Monty saved it.
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