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YR: New Noah Speaks

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This August, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS brought back Nick and Sharon's son, Noah (last played by Hunter Allan) as a teenager. Kevin Schmidt, a veteran of many prime-time shows and movies, including the popular Cheaper By The Dozen films, shares what it's like being on his first daytime soap.

Soap Opera Digest: How are you enjoying Y&R?

Kevin Schmidt: I'm having a blast. I'm still getting used to the motions, but I feel like I'm just getting comfortable. Sharon (Case, Sharon) and Joshua (Morrow, Nick) have made it their job to make me feel comfortable, and all of the crew is taking care of me. I'm paying attention and doing my thing.

Digest: That's great. What do you hope to see Noah do on Y&R?

Schmidt: I'm open to anything. But I wouldn't mind if he got a love interest!

Digest: Were you surprised to learn how young your TV parents are?

Schmidt: They might be playing young, but Joshua has kids of his own and Sharon definitely has a maternal instinct, so we play well off of each other. I'm definitely excited that he's back from camp and ready to do things on his own. It's been a lot of fun.

Digest: That had to be a fun set to be on with so many kids.

Schmidt: It was hectic [laughs]. But I had a blast. I've known [co-star] Hilary [Duff] for years, so I was so happy to be working with her. Bonnie [Hunt] and Steve [Martin] were the best on-screen parents you could ask for. Those movies are like summer camp. For the second one, we were up at this lake for about three months up in Toronto. We'd go fishing and have group activities every night. It was great. I'm still good friends with Alyson Stoner, who played my sister in the films. We're both from the Midwest.... She has the sweetest mother and my mom's great. We just hit it off. I directed and wrote The Alyson Stoner Project, which is a dance and fitness project that focuses on health and nutrition. We're shopping it around and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. We got a million hits already on our YouTube page. Hopefully, it will be out for a Christmas release.

Digest: Did you watch any of Hunter Allan's work?

Schmidt: No, but the younger Noah definitely gave me a good base to build from. It's my job to explore his familial relationships from the perspective of a teenager: Does my stepdad treat my mom right? Does she really love him? All these questions that a younger Noah wouldn't be able to question. He's becoming a catalyst to a lot of big storylines involving his parents and stepparents.

Digest: What led to you joining a daytime show after doing so many other types of projects?

Schmidt: Daytime's a really good platform for me to keep my acting polished, but it still allows me the time to do other projects that I've had in the works ... so it was the perfect fit for this time in my life.

Digest: Is it easier or harder than films or prime-time?

Schmidt: It's hard to say at this point. It's definitely different.

Digest: You've been in some popular movies, including The Butterfly Effect. How was it working with Ashton Kutcher?

Schmidt: He was great. It's weird that that was shot seven years ago. He wasn't even with anyone then [Kutcher has since wed Demi Moore, ex-Jackie, GH], so he was this real ladies' man. I got to work with him again in Cheaper By The Dozen. He remembered me and we chilled on set and had a great time.

Digest: How did you get involved in acting?

Schmidt: I actually wanted nothing to do with it, believe it or not. I'm originally from Kansas and have two brothers. My older brother was watching TV and said, "I can do that." He did a lot of commercials and print work in New York. Then my mom and my other two brothers went out to L.A., while I stayed behind and was a normal kid for two years. Then one summer my mom was like, "Why don't you come out and try it?" So I came out when I was about 9 years old and auditioned for a movie called Mind Rage and got it. I was on set where my character had to shoot his mom with a pistol [laughs]. I was hooked! I got to go to work and play make-believe. It was the perfect job.

Digest: Are your parents actors, too?

Schmidt: No, my mother was a stay-at-home mom and my dad owned a construction business in Kansas. But they always supported us the entire way.

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