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One Life to Live, A/ABC — Gigi’s worst nightmare? Jen returns!

You just know Maurice Benard (Sonny) is going postal over the news that Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) won the outstanding performer in a daytime drama series (over Benard, Jessica Leccia, David Fumero, Galen Gering and Eva Tamargo) at the ALMA Awards which airs Sept 12 on ABC.

Daytime’s best character actor, Peter Bartlett (Nigel/Chuck) will co-star in David Pittu’s What's That Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling, a comedy with music, to run at the Atlantic Theatre Stage II opening on Sept. 10.

Congratulations are in order for Melissa Archer (Natalie), who married her fiancé, Glenn Angelino on Aug. 8 in Mexico. The couple plans on spending their honeymoon in Tess’ secret room in Llanfair.

Reportedly, Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer) is set to return to OLTL as a ghost or spirit sometime this fall. Yeah, because we liked her so much the first time around. Hey, if it means more screen time for Cat Hickland (Lindsay), then I’m all for this stunt move. Meanwhile, Kevin Spirtas’ (Jonas) terrorizing guest-starring turn on OLTL will thankfully come to an end on Aug. 28. Well, until ABC spins off OLTL into its own SOAPnet prime-time series, Menwhorra the Musical: The Early Years. Suds hears a west coast soap is interested in Spirtas now that he’s free of Thom Christopher (Carlo).

Emmy winner A+ Martinez (Cruz Montez) is said to be Dorian Lord’s new love interest. Also, look for Ray’s family, which includes a trophy wife, to follow him to Llanview.


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    • OMG, YES! I'm going to have to download the extended mix for sure with this single. I love all sorts of high NRG music. Actually, I love music in general but I'm more into underground dance stuff. But yeah, she's so hot it's sickeeeeniiiiing. 

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    • I will never watch that show again. 

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    • Until the show brought him back and ruined him anew in the early 00s, the character of Craig Montgomery was definitely put on the road to redemption in his friendship with his ex-wife Betsy Androupolos during mid 1980s ATWT. There were other factors that also helped redeem his character, like his tortured, at times star-crossed romance with Sierra Esteban but his friendship with Betsy (over the vehement objections of Betsy’s husband Steve) and the reaction to it exemplified Craig’s struggles to shed his reputation. Betsy’s insistence that her ex-husband is indeed a changed man and her steadfast loyalty to their friendship got almost everyone who held a harsh judgment against him to reconsider their judgments about Craig.
    • Looking at that cover, did Tristian Rogers and Emma Samms ever have a real life relationship? I know it's the National Enquirer and all...
    • There's going to be a certain amount of freewheeling behavior in any creative space no matter what. It certainly exists in the places I work. A fair amount of it is not okay with me. How you engage with it or don't based on what you feel is right or wrong to tolerate or participate with is down to the individual. But the work I do also isn't nearly as claustrophobic or high-pressure a closed-in environment as the writers' room of a network TV show from 20 years ago. Most of the work I do as a writer is remote and has only a few points of direct contact; if I don't want to engage, I simply don't reply. Most don't have that luxury. I do think you can chalk some of what went down onscreen at Lost to the times generally being very different in the culture in general - the network and creative focus on white leads, white love triangles, etc. above all. But the offscreen frathouse mentality, while also exceedingly and drearily common, reaching such wild heights at a show that prided itself on headlining media criticism courses before it went off the air, on being 'the thinking man's hit' just because it named characters after famous philosophers is... well, also unsurprising. I never thought anyone at that show was a creative genius. I have generally made it a point to avoid following most of the creatives' work since, though some are genuinely talented. I also watched a great deal of the latter half of Lost when it aired once it was given a clear end date, in a period in my life where I had very little to do with my time lol and because I wanted to see if they could possibly square the circle with all the mystery boxes and empty hype they'd built themselves around (I'd watched bits and pieces of the first several seasons). It was hatewatching, and the answer to my above question is they couldn't. Watch it again; for the bulk of the run of the show they simply go back and forth from Point B to Point C, learn nothing and continue to have circular 'character building' flashbacks. It was a formula and it was for treading water. But Lost is still venerated today. Everything it is credited as having done for popular entertainment and storytelling was done first and much better by other shows, Twin Peaks among them and most noticeable. Yet Lost gets the lion's share for making this kind of storytelling marketable and broadly commercial, because it is a show led predominantly by bland white leads embarking on a series of Legend of Zelda fetch quests while propped up with savvy mid-late aughts viral-marketing tie-ins and charismatic showrunners. To me Lost is a how-to manual for making a certain kind of successful four-quadrant hit, not any kind of artistic legacy. This is what always enraged me about the show. Even Ryan's (very well written) excerpt suggests it is settled fact that Lost was well-written and elevated drama. I never felt that way and I still don't. It was poorly done but passed off as high art. Which, fine, you can sell art to the general public by packaging it a certain way onscreen, I understand that and I champion it - but other people have done it better and smarter, to say nothing of more inclusively. It was clear they were winging it in so many ways, yet to this day they claim that ending was some true north for them all along. Come on.
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