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OLTL: Discussion for the week August 4th-8th

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*sigh* You're such a devoted Reilly fan. I will say this though, this Mendorra stuff reminds me of Passions (which is and isn't a good thing). As a Passions fan, it makes me happy, as a One Life fan it pisses me off.

This level of camp makes me unhappy.

Sarah is Theresa

Cristian is Ethan

Antonio is Louis

Talia is Fancy

Tina is Rebecca (lol)

Carlo is Alistair

Jonas is a someone from Passions but I can't think of his name.

All we need now is Prescious, Tabitha and/or Hecuba and we'll be set.

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I am a OLTL fan and I've been impressed with RC and was completely on board up through Nash's funeral. I was watching today and it reminds me of one of those crazy movies that's about a play within a play (ie. High School Musical or Shakespeare In Love). You know like some crazy high school drama coach got the brilliant idea of combining Back to the Future, Oklahoma, and Anna Karenina into one play.

I think it was supposed to be a fun way to fill the usual summer blah's where storylines always seem to become stalled, and to a point it has been. A cute diversion that made me laugh for about two days. I am ready to get back to the stories that should have followed Nash's death. The struggle for BE. Dorian's comeuppance for what she did to Charlie. Shane's paternity. Tess's revenge (although I am really disappointed in that as well, and it sounds like ES shares my concern).

That said, I loved how Bo explained why he was acting like Asa today. Because if Clint finds out that Maria's pregnant before Asa buys her off, there would never be any Natalie. Little things make me happy.

I am a terrible guesser. Please PM me. :)

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