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Passions spoilers leading up to finale

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Some more spoilers leading to the big finale.

Wedding Day Shockers: As the various wedding ceremonies get into gear this week, Harmony is hit by several surprise happenings.

Kay and Miguel are the first of the five couples to make it down the aisle. Edna and Norma also say "I do".

As Gwen awaits her turn to wed Ethan, she and Rebecca discuss their misdeeds in a side room, unaware that Sam's video camera is taping them.Do not be a fakeout. I swear I'll do damage to someone.

Juanita is also in the church, searching for the ideal place to plant her bomb. She then spies "Gertrude" and wonders why the nanny looks familiar. Meanwhile, Sheridan pleads with Luis to give her another chance, but he gently turns her down, saying he loves Fancy.YAY!

A distraught Sheridan heads to the church corridors, where she's greeted by a back-from-the-dead Antonio. She rushes back to tell everyone, interrupting Luis and Fancy's nuptials. "It seems they're always on the edge of being happy, but it never happens," sighs Emily Harper (Fancy).

But the group has bigger problems: Demons soon arrive to battle Tabitha.

Pilar encourages Theresa to leave while Juanita counts down to the explosion.

Ethan leaves the church in search of "Gertrude", but when he finds her, Juanita is there too.

VCR Alerts

Monday July 28th: Juanita realizes "Gertrude's" true identity, while Gwen begins her walk down the aisle.

Tuesday, July 29th: Noah and Paloma are married. Meanwhile, Juanita decides to set off her bomb.

Wednesday, July 30th - Little Ethan seems poised to expose Gwen's secrets.

Sneak Preview: As Tabitha has a horrifying vision, a destructive force literally rocks Harmony!

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