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Exclusive Interview with Veleka Gray


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From the interview:

SF: There have been rumors over the years that one of your co-stars at As The World Turns did not want to work with you and that is why you were replaced. Can you comment on that?

VG: He wanted his wife to have my role. That's all I'm going to say about that most unpleasant and awful business.

Hmmmm, lol.

(I have my theory/suspicion/guess...but I won't share.)

Thanks, SteveFrame!

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At the risk of making an awful pun, soaps can be a very dirty business.

(BTW, SteveFrame, that's exactly who I was thinking of. Thanks for the confirmation, lol.)

Did you ask her how she ended up playing two different (and unrelated) characters on Y&R simultaneously?

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Not this time. There is going to be a follow up interview soon. I wanted those questions answered first. I think from our past correspondence that it was all an outcome of that bet with Wes Kenney which I hope will be explored more in the follow up interview.

We are trying to see how well the interview is recieved.

There are some out there that say current fans are not interested in reading about the older stars of the soaps.

Of course if they are, I am not one of them.

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