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Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

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3 hours ago, mikelyons said:

It’s been a hard lesson to learn, but I’ve learned it.

I’m actually shocked and disheartened by the dramatic shift in tone, style, pacing, and storytelling that has overtaken the show in the last year. There’s so much darkness, zero levity, and it’s insufferable now. 

Probably the thing that has annoyed me the most is how they handled Moira learning about Matty and having trouble coming to terms with the news. Moira’s no saint, but she’s always loved her kids and done the best for them. I was firmly on her side because he lied and avoided her for two years when she needed him the most. 



I'm surprised you could make it through 2015/2016, which were so grim (especially late 2015/early 2016 and late 2016).  The show does feel very grim again now though, but I think the material is better than most of late 2015/early 2016. Aaron's abuse story will always be a low point for me with this show.


I was more unhappy with Moira not doing more to help clear Adam's name than with the Matty stuff. I felt like they mostly used Moira for a generic PSA and then she accepted him in a few weeks.


I agree about Joe - I think it's less about the Dingles winning (although that's a factor) and more about them realizing that people weren't here for a Robert vs Joe pissing contest and that was just going to make Joe a hate figure for viewers. So, since they didn't want viewers to hate him, he is...just there. He needs more Tates, even if they have to invent a few.


I doubt it will happen but I hope they do pair him with Priya. 


I actually don't mind Graham at all, but I think the flashback episode was mostly "We're doing flashbacks - wow!" and "Ghostly vision - wow!" without enough real effort taken. And the stuff with Megan is just a bore and seems pointless, as she keeps going back to Frank anyway, even after cheating on him and trying to get him locked up.



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@I Am A Swede you might enjoy this.




There is a book coming out about Beckindale in the WW1 era.




August 1914, and a terrible war begins, one that will affect the lives of everyone in the village of Beckindale. For Maggie Sugden, left to run Emmerdale Farm on her own while her husband, Joe, is at the front, it will bring grief and loss but also independence and the chance to find a place to belong - and perhaps even to love again.

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Since there's not much else going on right now I felt we might as well have a little trip down memory lane. It was on this date, August 15th, that Dolly Skilbeck left Beckindale back in 1991. Her departure, and the final appearance of Henry Wilks exactly two weeks later (August 29th) ended a long line of long-time character exits that had begun two years earlier with Sandie Merrick, and which also included Jackie Merrick, Caroline Bates, Rev. Donald Hinton, Matt Skilbeck and Amos Brearly. It might sound a little bit drastic but it feels like this was the end of the "old" Emmerdale and the beginning of the new updated show which revolved less around farming and more about typical soap opera issues.


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It's very sad. I guess considering Jean Rogers left due to unhappiness of stories, at least Dolly was not violently killed, as happened to a number of other ladies on Emmerdale. Still, it's sad to see her go and to know there are so few left. This also further isolated the Sugdens, which had already been happening. It is very prescient when she calls Frank and Kim out as users - I wonder if that was intentional or not. 


It doesn't help that the extremely depressing story with Kate Hughes leaving was going on at the same time. 

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