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PSNS: Kam Heskin Returns as Sheridan

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Well LAD, Adrienne Frantz, Kathleen Noone, Christina Chambers, Tracy Melchior and Dax Griffin are/were all working in the soap business. (I'm sure I've forgotten someone.)

Eddie Cibrian and Kelly Hu are probably the most successful ones in prime time and movies with Third Watch (ahh, how I miss that show!), Invasion etc. Too bad Football Wives didn't get picked up, love the original series. Can't keep track of everything Kelly's on...

Jason Winston George, Timothy Adams and Laura Harring have been busy too.

Sherri Saum has some stuff going on, and she was on "Rescue Me" for a lot of episodes.

I would love to see Sherri, Priscilla Garita, Nick Kiriazis and Nick Stabile on a soap in contract roles.

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IDA. PG was the best thing to happen to the character. For those few short weeks, I absolutely loved the character. She was playin Theresa as the character truly is. Theresa is absolutely horrible and I hate how the show glamorizes the despicable things she does in sick attempts to make her the victim and sympathetic. Nah, the character is a horrible bitch. PG's Theresa at least owned that and made no excues for it. Thats why I could respect and like her.

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