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My Guiding Light Storyline Ideas...

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Had been thinking about Guiding Light, so I was brainstorming. I posted this on another site as well to see what others thought:

I've got my creative juices flowing! Bear with me and of course feel free to disagree. I was thinking of ways to get GL back to its roots in a way.

Bringing the Bauers back to the forefront. "Sex Scandal at Cedars Hospital!" is what the Springfield Newspaper reads in big black bold letters with Dr. Rick Bauer's picture on the front page. It all started when Rick began to show interest in a new doctor, Dr. Jeanne Ballard, who arrived to Springfield and joined the hospital staff. There is a mutual attraction between Rick and Jeanne. Rick and Jeanne do start to date and get to know each other a little better. Jeanne does have a past that she rarely speaks about and refuses to go in to detail about her past relationships as well as her dissolved marriage. They both agree to slow things down but do take their growing relationship to the next level. When a high hospital position opens up, Jeanne feels that she would be perfect for the position. Jeanne is in fierce competition for the position against an old friend and doctor, Dr. Brian McFarren, with alot of experience in that particular medical field. Rick has to make that decision on who is more qualified r the position.

Things between Rick and Jeanne heat up when they finally give into their desires and make love. Jeanne reassures Rick that whatever decision he makes for the position, she will be fine with. She wants him to go solely on merit and qualifications, however, she can't help but feel that she will most likely end up with the position because of the new level they have taken their relationship. This position would provide great opportunities for her and have Rick and her working closely. Rumors about their relationship begin to circulate around the hospital due to the nosey and gossipy nurse, Danielle Nelson, Kelly and Morgan's daughter. When Rick begins to hear these rumors and how they might play into his decision on the new hospital position, he decides to back off from his and Jeanne's relationship who assures Rick that everything will be okay. Rick does not agree with her nonchalant attitude about the rumors and the situation and thinks that they should stop seeing each other for awhile until his decision is made.

Alan Spaulding had a brief encounter with Jeanne and can't shake the feeling that Jeanne Ballard resembles a woman from his past. Decision time approaches and Rick makes his decision to offer the position to Brian McFarren. Jeanne doesn't hide how hurt she is by Rick's decision and expresses her feelings to him. They have an intense argument which is overheard by few doctors and nurses on staff. Jeanne's hurt turns into anger and leads her to make a drastic decision when she mistakenly overhears and misinterprets a conversation between Brian and Rick. Jeanne decides to bring sexual harrassment charges against Rick and the hospital. The charges infuriate Rick and Jeanne and Rick have a knockdown dragout explosive argument where witnesses overhear Rick threaten Jeanne, letting her know that she will not get away with it. Later that evening, Rick is seen stopping by Jeanne's room at Towers Apartments, hoping to resolve this matter in a peaceful discussion. But neighbors overhear another argument between Rick and Jeanne, who has had too many drinks. Ms. Thornhart hears crashing glass and a door slam, noticing that Rick has left very angry.

As the evening progresses, Jeanne continues to drink a little bit more. A knock is heard at the door and Jeanne answers. Jeanne is not pleased and again another argument and a struggle ensues. The next morning, Jeanne is found by Ms. Thornhart, sexually assualted, clothes ripped, and dazed. Frank arrives and Jeanne is taken down to the station. Jeanne is very shaken and can hardly speak, terrified of being touched or questioned. She is confused, angry and hurt. Ms. Thornhart and a few other neighbors talk to the police and answer their questions about any disturbances throughout the night. Ms. Thornhart explains to the police that Dr. Rick Bauer was there that night and that verbal threats were made as well as sounds of crashing glass. Springfield P.D. go to pick up Rick and ask him a few questions in regards to Jeanne's situation. When Jeanne sees Rick at the police station, hazy memories begin to come to her, where she remembers seeing Rick at her apartment and arguing with him as well as a short physical altercation and the throwing of glass...she immediately screams out and accuses Rick of rape. Rick is questioned and then is arrested for the rape of Jeanne Ballard.

William Andrews, who is now running the Springfield Paper gets the news and plasters it all over the paper. His sleazy style of writing and avoidance for the truth reminds citizens of Warren Andrews, his father. Rick is in a world of trouble as witnesses step up and different evidence begins to pile up against him. Rick needs the support of his family. Ed, Michelle, Hope, Johnny, Alan-Michael, Megan (Johnny and Chelsea's daughter, yeah Johny and Chelsea reconnected off screen), Lainie return of support.

I have more ideas and more characters coming as well as using the characters that are already on the show and some I will get rid of. Got to go for now! Tell me what you all think!

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My idea for this Monday's episode (with normal soap opera sets please!)


A Spaulding Enterprises board meeting... Alan, Olivia, Alexandra, Cyrus (he is married to Alex), Vanessa, Lizzie, Alan-Michael (Patrick Dempsey)

Philip Spaulding is the narrator (ala Desperate Housewives) and introduces us to his family.


The Bauer kitchen... Rick, Ed (Peter Simon), Meta (Helen Gallagher), Lillian, Beth, Baby Peyton, Father Josh, Cassie, Teenaged Jude, Teenaged Jamie, Teenaged Leah -now calls herself Lesley and she is younger than the boys..

Philip introduces us to this group... Flashbacks in the Bauer home with Rick, Bert and Ed.. He doesn't seem very happy that Rick and Beth are married... He notices that Lesley seems to be smitten by his son Jamie...

Rick announces that he is becoming COS at Cedars, everyone is very happy


Reva is sleeping and Buzz wakes her up telling her that Daisy has been arrested.

Reva: "I just had the weirdest dream..."

OPENING SEQUENCE * The pre-anniversary seq. is just fine with another logo

By the end of the episode:

We see the Spauldings fight over their new project, a magazine

We understand that Cyrus was bought by Alexandra

Bill plans to open a big night club, Lizzie surprises him and finds him with Ava, who tells her that she is Bill's new assistant

Reva starts telling Daisy the story of her life and the young girl decides to bring her and Father Josh togegher


A catatonic Philip is in a sanitarium and Dr. Langton (Charles Keating) discusses his situation with Nurse Dubujack and tells her to make sure that Philip takes his medication every day. The nurse tells him that they have to be more careful now that a new doctor is coming, Dr. Michelle Bauer! Philip hears that...


How would I continue my stories?

Kim Ulrich (Ivy, Passions) joins cast as Hope Bauer and tries to get back with Alan.

Cyrus and Dinah team up in order to free Philip. Alex is jealous of her young husband. Michelle helps Cyrus and Dinah. (The part of Michelle will be played by Tamara Braun)

Doris dies and leaves Ashlee a letter telling her that her father is in Springfield.

It turns out Rick has to fight for the COS with Dr. Kelly Nelson (JohnWesley Shipp returns for several weeks)

Martha Madison joins cast as young lawyer Jennifer Nelson, a potential love interest for Alan-Michael.

Patsy Pease appears as boutique owner Morgan Richards, Jennifer's mother (recurring)

African American cousin Brandon Spaulding (teenager) falls for Leslie, but she wants Jamie...

So I'd basically make GL a show about the Bauers and the Spauldings. I'd get rid of Cassie eventually and I'd bring Lisa Peluso as fragile Roxy Shayne... Just some thoughts.. :)

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I like alot of your ideas too Elsa. I like that Philip is in a sanitarium and narrating. I really love the idea of the Spauldings launching a magazine. So much storyline can be built from that and the idea of Bill opening a nightclub would be good. I could see all the different characters going there once and awhile. Good storyline can come from that too.

Hey question for you? I am writing my own soap. I have beeen writing the bible forever and still have a long way to go being that I' still at the beginning. I keep going back editing things and making changes. But I have been thinking about this for awhile to see if I could form a small team of writers to help out. Just a thought. I need to think about it more as well. But possibly putting that out there.

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