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Y&R returns to German television in 2008

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The Young and the Restless returns to German television next year. The ZDF, which has been broadcasting double episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful since January 2002 after the show had been cancelled by RTL in 2000, has acquired the rights for B&B's sister soap. Because the ZDF is now only a few months behind the recent US episodes, they will only show one episode of B&B starting next year. The exact date is yet unknown.

The void will be filled with split episodes of Y&R, so the German viewers will get half an episode of Y&R every day. The ZDF will start broadcasting episodes from December 2005.

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German title card of Y&R aka Schatten der Leidenschaft

Because of horrible ratings, ZDF decided to cancel The Young and the Restless after less than three months on the air. The last regular episode was broadcasted on Friday morning. Because 200 episodes have already been dubbed, the remaining episodes will be shown between 1 and 2 a.m. three times a week. On average, only 350.000 people followed the exploits of Genoa City's residents.

Y&R's timeslot will once again be filled with episodes of B&B.

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B&B's timeslot has been 11.15 am and 11.35 am since January 2002. Although there was a short break in 2003 I think, when ZDF changed it to 5.15 pm and 5.35 pm, but the show lost a huge part of its audience so it was changed back to the former timeslot.

In March 2008, Y&R replaced the second B&B episode at 11.35 am because we are now only ten months behind the US airings of B&B. But many B&B fans boycotted Y&R right from the start.

A quick question: There are five different versions of the Y&R opening, aren't there? I'm just surprised that we didn't get a single one with Katherine and Jill in it. Several other characters are missing as well.

Our five versions are (episodes from December 2005):

1. Victor - Nikki - Ashley - Jack - Dru - Sharon

2. Nikki - Paul - Christine - Jack - Nick - Kevin

3. Christine / Paul - Victor - Michael - Brad - Nick - Sharon

4. Victor - Nikki - Sharon / Nick - Neil - Dru - JT

5. Jack - Phyllis - Ashley - Brad - Dru - JT

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^really? cuz when i started watching in like 03ish again i thought theyw ere both in it.

the Y&R opening is awesome but it bothers me.

IMHO it should go like this...





im sure i forgot lots of people that can go here.

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