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DAYS: Friday

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Good show today.

It was nice not having to deal with the albatross that is Lucas/Sami/EJ and I like that Monday seems to only feature Lucas. These little breaks we are getting lately from the triangle part of the story are needed. Hopefully the story itself were move into something else or end altogether.

Glad they got all the sorority stuff out of the way this week. The scenes were good and I like them thinking of mostly everything (Max dressing in Ford's clothes, etc) but I need a break from it and I am glad we will be getting it. I just like that we get this story in spurts. It helps. Good scenes and acting by all and I liked the end with the girls all hugging.

Marlena/Roman/Kate was great. Dee was fantastic but I hate how we keep going back to Roman not getting over Marlena. It's getting pathetic but at least it's true to history and character. Glad Kate called him out on it and threatened him and FINALLY we got some tension and an almost fight between Marlena and Kate. That is long overdue and I wish they would go all the way one of these days. These two should hate each other and I never understood why every writer in the past ten years tried to make them come off civil. After all Kate has done, it should not be that way and I wish Days would continue to pit them against each other as rivals. Very enjoyable and liked Marlena making Roman take her in.

The Kate/Philip scenes were great in the beginning. Good stuff and I like seeing Philip involved in something other then Belle's story and Kate finally interacting with him so much of late has been great. I liked their banter and Philip is feeling more and more like Victor II to me. JKJ is doing great.

Bo, Hope, and Abe were great as well. Good interaction and I like seeing Bo and Hope going off on this little adventure. Love the banter between Bo and Hope and even with Abe. Nice seeing him and even seeing Roman interact with them was nice. I am sucker for good and unexpected character interactions.

Good show and a nice end to a decent week.

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Yeah, I loved the Marlena and Kate scenes. These two should have been enemies for years. To me, Marlena and Kate should drive the show, much like Viki and Dorian on OLTL, Erica and Brooke on AMC (I miss you Julia Barr), and Stephanie and Brooke on B&B

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