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Passions: Remember the good times

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I am a lucky one that has Direct, but Passions is an unforgettable show that came back to life in the last year or so.

I will never forget the show's larger than life characters: My favorites.....Timmy, Tabitha, Chairty, Vincent, Siren, Rebecca, Beth, Gwen, Ms. Wallace, Endora, Theresa, Sheridan, Eve, Pilar, Julian, Whitney, Norma, Precious, Liz, Aunt Irma.

My favorite storys

Prom Boat

Sheridan burried alive/back from the dead

Chairty/Miguel love story





Ms. Wallace/Beth/Precious

The Blackmailer

The Bird Statue



The Pit


Who shot Julian?


All of the weddings

Zombie Charity

Evil Chairty

Least favorite

I hate the character of Alister

I hate how the Ivy, Sam, Grace story ended

The reveal of TC's shed

Sheridan is friends with Princess Diana

Marty dies




Favortrie all time Moment

Sheridan comes back from the dead on Christmas Eve

All time Sadest Moment

Timmy dies

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Favorite Storylines:

* Ivy blackmailing Eve to help her break up Sam and Grace

* Prom Boat disaster

* Shuis (1999-2001)

* Sheridan Buried Alive

* Everything Kay Before selling her soul

* Ethan/Theresa (with Travis Schuldt)

* Zombie Charity

* Who killed Julian?

* Timmy and Julian's roadtrip

I also have to agree that my all-time favorite moment was Sheridan coming back from the dead on Christmas Eve as well as Ethan proposing to Theresa. One of the best episodes of Passions ever.

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Remember when Ivy crashed her car into the church during E/T's wedding?

Jessica saying to Kay "I must, I must, I must increase my bust."

When Dragon Lady was struck by lightning in Rome.

Theresa keep having accidents around Ethan and Ethan accusing her of stalking her.

When Chad was played by Don Swaby.

When Alistair was just a body and a voice.


Kam Heskin as Sheridan.

Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen singing the Passions theme.

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