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U.S. Senator Larry Craig arrested for lewd behavior in men's restroom


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Sorry, but when a "devout relgious family man" who does everything in his power to hurt/halt the gay community from getting equal rights, when they in fact, participate in gay sex behind closed doors, is finally revealed to be a fake, they deserve everything they get.

Its so incredibly selfish for someone to get married and bring children in this world knowing the whole time that they are gay, and that if they are caught, it will bring nothing but humiliation to the ones that they claim to love.

He's a lying scumbag who was caught with his pants down. He deserves to be outed, he deserves to lose his title as senator.

He deserves everything he gets.

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However, it doesn't matter what his political beliefs are, anyone who is working hard to hurt the gay community and participates in gay sex is a hypocrite. I don't care if it was Ted Kennedy and he did what Sen Craig did. I would still be mad.

I don't think though, that his actions should be investigated by the ethics committee. I would rather use my taxpayer money on more important things, like bringing our soldiers home from war

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