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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Cover Story


Babe (Alexa Havins)

Jamie (Justin Bruening)

Di (Kelli Giddish)

AMC's Zach & Kendall: What's Wrong With the Baby?

A fragile preemie & a badly bruised Spike test Kendall's strength this week. Kendall is awake during the c-section & freaking out about both both of her children dying."

Greenlee has a moment of indecision about abducting Spike. Spike cries out for his mom, & Greenlee is brought back to reality. She reaches for her phone to let Kendall know they're on their way, but loses control of the car, careening over a cliff into a ravine.

Spike is thrown from the car. Greenlee finds him, but then a broken rib pierces her lung, collapsing it. She manages to dial Ryan & he traces the call. Ryan finds them & looks at Greenlee w/ hate in his eyes.

Kendall asks Zach for the truth & he tells her what everyone assumes - that Spike has been kidnapped by Greenlee. The news is too much & Kendall's water breaks. She's rushed into surgery just as a Spike is brought in.


Justin Bruening (Jamie) has taped his last scenes.

Alexa Havins (Babe) is expected to finish out her contract. It's speculated that the role of Babe will be recast, but Jamie will not.

Kelli Giddish (Di) is leaving by mutual decision.


AMC retreats from good storytelling w/ the Fusion women's July 4th "retreat".

Sneak Peeks:

Ava meets with a drug dealer.

Krystal can't stop worrying about Adam.

Jack & Erica's divorce deadline looms.

Babe is determined to save Fusion.

Erica admits she was wrong about Zach!

7/25 - Adam makes a heroic move.

Week of 7/30

Zendall make it past one hurdle.

Adam intends to use Zach's crisis to his advantage.

Kendall attacks Greenlee.

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Babe isn't gone. Alexa is. The article even says that they are most likely going to recast the role. Which means that once again AMC loses another talented young actress. Eden Rigel gone, Alexa Havins gone, Kelli Giddish gone, Tanisha Lynn gone, Rebecca Budig gone. The only ones left are Levenn Rambin and Alicia Minshew and to a lesser extent Sabine Singe.

AMC has bled away all it's young talent and it's starting to pay for it.

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I really hope that Erin Hershey Presley's phone is ringing. IMO, she would be great in the role, but I worry if she may be too old to play Babe.

Stephanie Gatschet moved to CA, I don't see her moving back unless Tom Pelphrey does

Whomever plays Babe has to have that innocence that Alexa has.

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I personally don't care for Erin Hershey's "acting". I don't care too much for her line delievery. I also don't particulairy care for her in dramatic or comedic scenes. AMC will probably go for either Erin or an unknown. I can't see Alicia Leigh W. being Babe.

AMC's loss, Alexa is wonderul with her material. She is raw and real and she is a power house when they give her meaty stuff to play.

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