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Suzanne Rogers exit interview 1984

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I know that there a lot of supporters of this actress at this site and thoght that they,and others,might be interested in her comments.

It seems things haven't changed much over the years regarding certain veteran actors and characters.

What prompted your decision to leave Days?

S Well the prospectof having a 2 year contract with no storyline did not appeal to me and basically that is what the bottom line is.The show wants to write only for the young kids and at least for the next year,I know,maybe two,that's what they're going to do and that means no story for anybody over 30.That' it.

Is that what you were told?

S I wasn't told a specific age but young kids means somewhere within the ages of our young kids,which is between 17 and 25 or 26,whatever.

How have you felt about your storyline in the past year?

S I haven't had one.You see what is going on and then you say.well.they're just not going to renegotiate my contract and then your agent get's a call and a proposal is presented.My agent called me and said "This is very strange"She said they want to sign you for two years.I said "For what?"She called them back and they said,Well,no,there is not going to be a storyline,they are writing for the kids.I thought it didn't make any sense.Why sign me for two years?Then I started thinking about it:right now I have been on the show for ten years and I have a certain number of fans and the people like me.My fans are extremely loyal.It doesn't matter who I am doing scenes with,they just want to see me working.I thought"That's it." If they dwindle my character down.chip away at it for two years,the audience in two years time is not going to care whether I go or not.I think that's weeding you out so to speak.

What plans do you have?

S I hope to go onto a nighttime show.I feel it's time the nighttime people started using redheads.So I am hoping that since Shirley MacLaine won the Oscar.this is my year.

Suzanne returned to Days a year later.

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Thanks for this list. I Have been away on a holliday for a time and i had a very hard time finding this page, but now i have found it. As for Suzanne wanting to come into A nighttime show back then you can only say what many people says Once a Daytime Actor/Actress always a Daytime Actor/Actress. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's interesting that Suzanne basically took some parting shots at DAYS. She was quite ill at the time with myasthensia gravis and it has been confirmed by Rogers that the year she took off from DAYS was done in order to undertake the treatment regimen for the condition (invasive surgery and major steroid injections for months). Perhaps it was her pride which wouldn't let her admit her illness, however, what Rogers said still holds true...why do the execs keep the vets around to merely backburn them?

In Suzanne Rogers case I have to say that I think she's DAYS' finest actress. When she was written for (Maggie's turn to alcohol in the 1970s for which Rogers won an Emmy or 2003's Salem Serial Killer which enabled her to give some great dialog) Rogers simply shined. She's an effervescent star and I think Corday and Co. would be insane to ever attempt to get rid of her.

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