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Best Bitchfights ever.

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the queen and gold standard of catfights goes to the women of dynasty


Honorable metion goes to Kay and Jill on Y&R and

Lauren and sheila on Y&R/B&B


Annie and Meg had a good one on SB

Sami/Carrie &Vivian and Kate Days


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This isn't daytime, but my all time favorite is Val and Abby in Knots Landing season 3 ep. 21 "China Dolls":

Val: Are you and my husband having an affair?

Abby: What?

Val: You heard me.

Abby: You're letting your writer's imagination run away with you.

Val: I mean it, Abby. I just want want an answer.

Abby: Well I'm not saying we're having an affair, and I'm not saying we're not. I am saying I can have him any time I want him.

(Val walks away and Abby follows)

Abby: Does that answer your question Val?


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