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As The World Turns 1998

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A list of how many episodes each actor appeared in 1998, i`m a fan of looking back on how many episodes each actor appeared on in different shows, so this will be my first real post.

1998 was nine years ago, for some nine years seems like a long time ago, but for others it seems less, looking back at some figures at how many episodes each actor that was contract or recurring back in 1998 appeared in seems strange, when you see some faces that still are on the show but who are never on, Kim, Margo, Tom, Susan, Bob, Lucinda and Lisa actually had things to do back then, and some of you might wonder if my numbers are correct, but i`m sure that they are. Seeing how many episodes vets appeared in back then and see how many they are in now it makes you wonder what`s going on with the writing.

Here`s a look back at how many episodes each actor and character appeared in back in 98, i have not written down guest-roles that really didn`t do much, but i have written down the ones that i find importent.

From 1 January to 30 December Atwt made 254 Episodes, now on with this list.

1. Maura West (Carly Tenney) 196


2. Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes) 188


3. Michael Park (Jack Snyder) 187


4. Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily Stewart) 157


5. Scott Holmes (Tom Hughes) 154


6. Lesli Kay (Molly Conlan) 150


7. Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson) 148


8. Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh) 140


9. Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder) 129


10. Eileen Fulton (Lisa Miller Grimaldi) 123


11. Larry Bryggman (John Dixon) 122


11. Annie Parisse (Julia Lindsey) 122


13. Nathaniel Marston (Eddie Silva) 120


14. Daniel Markel (David Stenbeck) 115


15. Martha Byrne (Lily Walsh Snyder) 114


16. Peter Parros (Ben Harris) 105


17. Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) 103


18. Lauren B.Martin (Camille Bennett) 98


19. Coleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan) 90


20. Scott DeFreitas (Andy Dixon) 88


21. Kathryn Hays (Kim Sullivan) 78


22. Nick Kokotakis (Brad Snyder) 77


23. Jordana Brewster (Nikki Munson) 68


24. Marie Masters (Susan Stewart) 67


25. Sherri Alexander (Samantha Markham Anderson) 63


26. Tom Wiggin (Kirk Anderson) 54


27. Jamie Dudney (Georgia Tucker) 53


28. Don Hastings (Bob Hughes) 52


29. Craig Lawlor (Adam Hughes) 37


30. Saundra McClain (Sara Ruth Bennett) 35


30. Kathleen Widdoes (Emma Snyder) 35


32. Terri Conn Colombino (Katie Peretti) 33


33. Tamara Tunie (Jessica Griffin) 23


34. Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes) 21


35. Cruise Rosso (Casey Hughes) 17


36. Patrick Tovatt (Cal Stricklyn) 15


37. Yvonne Perry (Rosanna Cabot) 8


38. Lisa Brown (Iva Snyder) 7


38. Valerie Perrine (Dolores Pierce) 7


40. Patricia Bruder (Ellen Lovell Stewart) 5


41. Rosemary Prinz (Penny Hughes) 4


42. Alexandra Herzog (Jennifer Munson) 3


43. Barbara Garrick (Rita Renfield) 2


44. Bryan Abadrabo (Will Munson) 1


What a year 1998 was, Lisa in 123 Episodes , i wonder if the show will ever use her as mutch? : :)

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Uh......since when did Daniel Markel play David Stenbeck? :huh: Maybe I'm just retarded. :lol:

Loved the character of Rita Renfield! She seemed crazy, but she knew the Stenbecks were trouble! Too bad TPTB killed her! <_<

Oh, how I do miss Dolores, Iva, Cal, Ben, Jessica, Georgia, and Eddie!!!! :( I miss them ALL!!!!

BTW, your name for Maura is wrong. It's Maura West. Not Maura Tinney. :)

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Daniel Markel was the 2nd actor to play David. When David first came to town I think he called himself David Allen and was played for a short period of time by another actor and then replaced by Daniel who was fantastic as David! His exit was when he had kidnapped a very pregnant Lily. She gave birth while he was holding her captive and switched the babies. He was holding Julia also who eventually escaped. Holden and Julia found David in the woods and thought they had killed him and buried him alive. The show said they wanted to take David in a different direction and Daniel was let go. He returned later in the form of Reid, played by Keith Coularis.

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OMG...how can you forget The David? I loved Danny Markel, he had amazing chemistry with Lesli Kay and KMH!!!!

Sigh...'98....7. Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson) 148 (14/14/17/20/17/10/13/13/9/9/9/3) Oh, how I loved the Hal/Carly/Jack triangle.

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No...Her name is Maura West. Her character's name is Carly Tenney Snyder.

BTW, thanks to Peej and WorldTurner for clarifying the David stuff. LOL!! I watched during that time, but I paid no attention to any of the actors. I just paid attention to the characters. LOL!!

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ITA. I loved the show under Broderick's pen. She was the last head writer, IMO, that wrote the real ATWT. I like Passanante, but after Broderick it's just been a whole different show.

BTW I had totally forgotten about Barbara Garrick as Rita! What a fun, crazy character!!! Actor87, if I recall correctly, Rita was not killed. Reid/David had her wheeled into a mental hospital. She protested but they took her anyway, and that was the last we ever saw of her. Right?

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