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Dear Carina, CJ, Deb, Linda, Madeline, Marianne, MaryKay, Melanie, Miranda, Mollie, Shelly & Yvonne....Thank you soooo much for the warm welcome back to 'Days' with the gift of the GORGEOUS roses! And from my favorite florist, too! It's wonderful to know that you are out there looking forward to some of the old 'magic' between Tony & Anna. Thaao and I will try not to disappoint you. I'm looking forward to revisiting Salem and so many old friends. Thank you again.....Leann


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QUOTE(Chris B @ May 28 2007, 05:01 PM)
I can't wait to see her! She was amazing on Dynasty and left right as the show was getting good again. What kind of character is Anna?

She brings out the best in Tony. She was soooo good on Days in the mid 1980s and I can't wait to see if they can recapture the magic. Hey, if they can't, at least they tried. :)

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