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ATWT: grade your soap

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I know you didn't ask me but I just wanted to say your banner looks pretty cool. And I'm glad you gave ATWT a B for this week. I think it was a good week. I didn't notice Gwen/Cleo being on too much at all so I don't know what all the hoopla over them is. I feel like its pretty evenly spaced right now. Maybe not in terms of days but in terms of day to day I don't feel like Gwen is own constantly and even if she were on like half of the show I still enjoy JL as an actress and love seeing her beautiful self with Jesse onscreen.

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i tink ATWT will amprove in MAY. i trust jean pissanante she rocks as head writer. I hope she will write a summer story where will, gwen, jade, cleo, cassie, maddie are trapped on island with killer clown. yes that's right i vant another serial killer story. last years rocked. btw, do you like my banner? i'm sure the show wil git beitter in may. I swear it will get better in may. Nick and Chelsea.......err...... Imean Cassie/Maddie are the gretest love story ever. I love them. the killer clown will bring them closer. i'm gonna make a new banner. i hope y'all will liek it

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