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My grandma is dying.


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My grandmother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a year ago, and she had the tumor surgecly removed. They did the whippe procedure on her and we thought she was doing very well. About 2 months ago she started getting sick and then about a week ago my mom took her to pittsburgh and they put some tubes in her. She had ascities fluid in her abdomen and then liver bile that blocked up. They put two tubes in her to drain the stuff out but it didn't really do anything. She was fine on Easter Sunday, talking and everything. Then Monday came she pulled something on the tubes and was bleeding so they had to call 911 to come and get her and take her the hospital. They did some blood work and towards when were leaving she started talking really weird. My mom thought that her sugar bottomed out becuase oncc she would drink something she would talk fine. Well then yesterday came and she can't really talk that well she just babbles they are calling dementia and the home health nurse said she needed to go the hospital so they called 911 again. Once over there my mom called the hospital in pittsburgh and talked to her doctor and he told there was nothing they could do. He said that she will go peacfully and not be in any pain at all. He said usually this is how paitents are when they first find out. Her cancer is back in her bile duct.

Its come off as a shock to everyone and its been very hard on me.

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