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Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)

Katherine saying goodbye to John at the hospital! (A damn fine episode!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc-EfcqHyQk (Here's a clip of it)

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)

Phyllis stuck in the elevator with Jack!


Peter Bergman (Jack)

Jack finds out about Nick and Phyllis' affair and confronts her!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_2S34BvWus (I think this could be the episode!)

Heather Tom (ex-Kelly) & Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin)

Both submitted: When the tornado hit and he ripped the ring off her finger!

(Couldn't find any clips :( )

Genie Francis (ex-Laura)

SHe submitted the stuff after the wedding when she was about to slip back into her state, I believe...

(Couldn't fine an exact clip)


Submitted Stephanie and Ann showdown. Not sure what exact show


Dinah and Mallet's foiled wedding


Todd's Execution


Who Killed Carmen? Murder Scenarios...

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OMG, Y&R is SOOOO gonna lose! Why wasn't any scene from the Ice Storm submitted?

And GL submitted Dinah and Mallet's foiled wedding?! I vaguely remember, but is that the episode where she almost marries him and Jeffrey tells her she can't do it? That episode was NOT the best.

Even though I am no Josh/Reva disciple, I would have picked "Always"(the one where they rip up the divorce papers), The much better foiled wedding of Lizzie and Coop, or even the episode where Dinah and Mallet tell each other at the docks that they are gonna break it off. I may have to rewatch in order to change my mind, but this is not what will win an Emmy. JMO.

I do give GL credit for at least one thing...they didn't submit the embarassing "Springfield Burns" episode where Dinah accidentaly torches the Beacon. As someone who hated Ava back then(and IMO, with good reason), I found it hilarious that she would scream, "HELP MEEEEEE. DON'T LEEEAVE ME HERE TO DIIIEEE." LOL.


I totally see OLTL going away with the award based on the most flashy scenario. B&B still has a shot, but I don't see that winning over OLTL who, basically, have the support of both ABC and pretty much NBC and has the best dramatic stakes of all the episodes.

LOL@Y&R. Something will smell like fish if they go away with the award this year.

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Was this just what they submitted for the Pre-Noms? I know that they only submit one episode for the Pre-Noms but I thought they submitted 2 for the Final.

I knew that John-Paul Lavoisier had no chance at a Nom this year. He told in a recent interview what he submitted and it was WAY TOO LIGHTHEARTED to get a Nom.

I will be anxious to see if this was just for the PreNom and what they will submit to balance it out for the finals.

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THat was all it said about the submissions in SOW. Like Steve said we'll be getting more info...and this is only for the pre-nom! They will be submitting two episodes and they do not have to be these!

In the case of best show Y&R, GL and OLTL will submit two shows and I believe B&B will be able to submit four since they are a half hour series.

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I would have thought so too, but I remember someone saying that the episode he chose to submit was after he turned 26.

According to Internet sites he turned 27 in March but someone on here proved that he was actually born in 1980 - so you are right that he turned 26.

Either way when he said what he submitted, I knew it totally hurt him.

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This is the episode submitted for the nomination, not final voting, so it already worked. All of these episodes listed are what was submitted to get on the final nomination ballot. There is some website that had all of the submitted episodes posted before the nominations were revealed.

GH submitted Luke and Laura's wedding which is why it wasn't nominated for Best Show. That was an insanely boring episode and they were clearly going on the Luke and Laura buzz. But really there was no actual drama at the wedding, just a bunch of backburned character sitting on the sidelines and a predictable mob shootout at the end.

Now I would like to see what they all will submit for the final showing.

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With what Jeanne Cooper submitted I can see why she is on the final ballot. That woman rocked those scenes with John. If it was based on total acting talent and nothing came into the vote but that - then she deserved to be on the ballot for that scene.

I know that other considerations should have come in to play but since the Emmys set it up where TPTB and the actors themselves determine which category they submit in, and they base a prenom consideration on one episode - then we do get things like someone being nominated in a Lead Category when they really weren't lead that year.

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