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Oh how I've missed you DruRocks and your witty little comments and zingers in EVERY thread. When you were gone, I thought of you often......I'd listen to soft music (THE CHANGE IN ME) and quietly reflect on our special night together. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.......but your absence caused my heart to fracture, crack, and practically rupture on a daily basis. But now that you've returned, in all your glory, I see no reason to wait......


Will you make JUNIORZ the happiest 27 year old rock star in this world by spending the rest of your days, b!tching & kvetching and worshipping Maura, Nancy, and Victoria with him, side by side, on a hand-crafted leather couch built for two?

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Hey, Hey, Hey now, I may not be as much a vet around these parts as you Greg, but we just might have to fight for Dru here.....

Dru's always been my crazy cool cat B)

maybe can share? :lol:

:o and Dru, I'm stunned, hurt, there are no words...LoL

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