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GH: Wednesday, March 7th 2007

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I love the Spencer family reunion! Cameron is so cute and I loved how happy and excited he was. He really lit up when Liz told him that she and Daddy were getting married.

lol...I loved the Tracy stuff too. I cant beleive Alan left everything to Jason's children. Puke, thats worse than it all to Emily.

BTW, this screenshot played during the show. LOL....so true


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I just loved today's episode!

Well, it would have been even more fun if we didn't have those annoying Jason/Carly scenes! I mean, how many times has Carly said that she wants a divorce, but Sonny still loves her? Blah blah blah... Other than that, I had so much fun with this episode!

First, Maxie and Coop are still fun.. but who's that guy?? Logan?? He has a father in Port Charles... and then he meets Lulu... I had a feeling that after he was talking about his father to Cooper, they went to Luke and Tracy, so maybe Luke is his father. And Lulu is his sister and he might get hots for Lulu, but then she will be forbidden to him... and for the pure fact that Lulu already has three men fighting over her...

Which brings me to... Lulu & Dillon! Okay, Dillon is definitely the guy I want with Lulu.. at first I didn't, but I really liked them together and how he confessed that he wouldn't mind being with her... it was really sweet.. And once again, I just loved Julie Marie Berman. I wish I was Scott Clifton so that I could spend so much time with Julie... :lol:

Anyways, Spinelli is a freak of nature... and I love him! LOL He cracks me up all the time!

I also like that they might have a storyline with Monica and Russell... how they might be fighting for the COS position... it could be good!

Lucky, Liz and Cameron.. awwww.. how adorable were they... such a beautiful family...

And finally, Luke and Tracy... AWESOME! I liked their dialogue and the acting.. it was funny and so nice to watch.. really relaxing.. which is what I expect from a soap.. I like their little scheme.. can't wait to see the reactions to the will... :D

Good episode! :D

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Interesting... I don't usually read GH spoilers, so I didn't even have an idea that they were getting a new character, so this was a complete surprise for me...

Is this guy gonna stay?

I like the way this is going.. :)

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Wow, so Lulu now has FOUR guys running after her! Cool! :)

What's this guy's name? Since I'm keeping track of character episode count.... :)

I read an interview with Kirsten Storms and she said that Jason Gerhardt (Cooper) was auditioning for a role for Lulu's new love interest, but they changed their minds when they saw him in the vault with Maxie.. I guess Jason was supposed to be that guy, Logan... :)

But I like that they kept him as Cooper..

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