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DAYS: The History of EJ Wells

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This is my biography on the EJ Wells character that attempts to explain how he became such a baddy, as well as any other discrepancies in the story.

Elvis Junior had a happy childhod growing up in England being raised by Susan and Edmund. After high school, Elvis Junior realized his passion was race car driving. But he knew "Elvis Crumb" wouldn't be a very professional name, so he shorted "Elvis Junior" to EJ and took his grandmother Violet's maiden name, Wells.

EJ burst onto the race car scene and attracted the attention of Stefano DiMera. Stefano was in hiding after being chased out of Salem by John. He arranged for EJ to have dinner with him. At the dinner, Stefano revealed to EJ that he was his father, and said he wanted to get in contact with Kristen. EJ had no idea who Kristen was, and Stefano realized he had been hoodwinked by Susan.

Furious, Stefano realized Kristen was really dead (of course she wasn't, but he had no idea about the Penelope Kent murder twist). Stefano vowed revenge on Susan, but EJ promised to cut off all ties with her if Stefano left her alone. Stefano reluctantly agreed, on the condition that EJ spend time with him.

During their time together, Stefano warped EJ's mind, telling him about the Bradys and John, and making him hate them. EJ became full of hatred and vengeance and vowed to one day seek revenge on those who had harmed his family.

Around this time, Stefano was involved in a tragic car accident in Monte Carlo. Tony DiMera had tracked Stefano down in Monte Carlo and tried to kill him on the scene. Feeling he had succeeded, Tony took off. Luckily, EJ arrived and saved Stefano, and brought him to Italy to recuperate.

Stefano warned EJ that Tony had his own twisted revenge scheme in motion to destroy John and the Bradys to get back at them for causing Kristen's demise. EJ promised to carry out Stefano's true plan of revenge that he had detailed, and set the plan in motion behind the scenes.

While Tony was in Salem carrying out the Salem Stalker serial murder hoax, EJ tracked down Patch Johnson and brainwashed him. He set Stefano's true plan in motion. Finally, in 2006, after Tony had been arrested, EJ came to Salem and executed Stefano's revenge plan.

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You missed what I was pointing out. Read it carefully. "He's now older than people on the show that were born after he was," means nothing, because of course he's older than people born AFTER him. That is how it is in real life. I was pointing out a writing slip-up.

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