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DAYS: Jack/Abby Spoiler


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Abby and Jack both get notes from one another requesting that the other come to NY, but it's all a Dimera ruse to get Jennifer and Jack Jr. alone. That's how Jack comes back without Jennifer- she gets to be the dead/missing/deserter.

That's not a spoiler or anything, but it always comes back to the Dimeras.

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Please, px, if I turn my sexuality off and on like a switch, I've learn that I also can control my thoughts on incest.

Case in point: the cake was a matter that is entirely different. That had to do with DISGUSTING LICKING, SLOBBERING all over a cake. jack and Abby were horrible.

Jack and Abby having sex, however, plays into the fetish of father/son, father/daughter, whereas, mind you, they're NEVER REALLY related (that is, matt Ashford isn't really the father of girl who plays Abby), they're just playing into the hot phenomenon that IS a "daddy."

That's different that slobber and eating that after a cake.


As I said: bring on Jackby!!!

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